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Grounding Our Thoughts


Many of us are busy in our heads. Thinking and allowing thoughts that are endless. We become scattered and find ourselves without directions. Our thoughts stem from a lot of dynamics. They can be coming from old patterns of being a victim, conditioning when we were children, old beliefs and unconscious negative thoughts about ourselves. Being clouded with these foggy thoughts can be detrimental to creating the best version of our selves. How can we still these mindless thoughts?

Steps in grounding our thoughts:

1. Find stillness, meditate daily.

2. Allow these thoughts to pass, observe them as they pass through our mind. Be the observer.

3. Do not judge or resist, just be. Every thought passes away. Do not identify them as you are, they are just thoughts.

4. Attachments to these thoughts are the pitfalls of humankind. We think we are these thoughts. We identify and believe them, as we think we give them power. Be free.

5. As we practice daily meditations, we become more aware of this freedom from our thoughts. It is important to consistently practice stillness.

6. Journaling our thoughts is powerful tool for transformation. We can see our progress as we write our thoughts daily.

7. Know that our thoughts have vibrations, when we think negative our emotions become negative and vibrates in lower frequencies thus attracting  conflicts and chaos.

8. If we want to create amazing experiences, we need to be aware of our thoughts vibrations. Calibrate our thoughts.

9. Thoughts that are harmful are not healthy for us, let go of them and acknowledge their presence. The inner critic’s voice in our head can be experienced but do not allow or give this power. Know that this is coming from low point of view. Let go and fill the void of positive thoughts.

10. Open your heart and ground these thoughts, ask yourself, are they positive? Are these thoughts kind and necessary? Are they good for me? If not let go and fill the void with beautiful and loving thoughts about yourself and others. Bless instead of curse.

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