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Groundless Mind, Fruitful Soul


When we are in the midst of chaos or conflict, we forget that in order for us to feel safe unconsciously we grasp at the suffering. For some reason of survival, we have unconsciously hold unto dear life by holding to our problems. This way of coping  is the opposite of what we should be doing. Letting go and surrendering is a challenge for us. Having a groundless mind means, we do not self-grasp to our illusions or suffering. Whatever is happening is just is. It is arising because of so many causes that wants our attention. It can be from karma from past lives, wounds that needs healing, or our body talking to us.

What is a groundless mind? Like a garden, we need to cultivate the soil of our mind. When the ground is full of weeds, we pull them out to prepare for the seeds to sprout. These seeds are the good thoughts that we instill in our mind. The weeds are the worries, illusions, grasping that we put in our mind when we are experiencing challenges. Because we are only allowing good seeds or thoughts we become fertile with positive energy. That allows these seeds to grow effortlessly. Just like our mind, we need to cultivate good thoughts that will produce good emotions and deeds.

When we know and gain the wisdom to practice this consciously. meditating and clearing our mind of illusions we become a conscious and compassionate sentient being. This is the Buddha nature within us, in a deeper level of understanding we are now ready to have a groundless mind. This is when we recognized that this physical dimension is a creation of our mind. We become attune to impermanence and uncertainties of this world. We take a deeper level of understanding that anything that we experience here is an accumulation of our state of being. Either the past, present or future lives that we are living in. These are the multi-dimensional state of our existence.

Having a groundless mind is like floating in the winds of life. We experience what we are going through but we do not accept this as the only reality. Perhaps we are experiencing an illness, accept the fact that our body is telling us that there is a mis-align energy in our system. Even though it looks like that this challenge will alter our life. There is always a higher perspective of looking at things. Why this has to happen to us? In this lifetime we are going to experience sufferings in many forms. If we have that realization about suffering, we know that anything can happen in this incarnation. It will be a basis or fertile ground to start with in dealing with illness. ” This happened because it is calling my attention.”

Where we put our attention, energy goes. To be in a state of groundlessness, we have to know that our lives are precious in whatever state or form our body is. Because we are sacred sentient beings experiencing humanness. The weaknesses of our physical body can be our soul’s inner strength. When we are suffering from illness, first we need to understand that this is a part of being human. We have no exemption to this physical state. When we can accept this, we can move on to where we put our attention to. The positive side of life. What can be positive when we are challenged? These challenges are the directions in which our soul longs to be.

The groundless state of mind is the space where we let go and surrender our control and manipulation. We can plan our lives but it does not always happen that way we planned it to be. It is by being groundless that we create our soul’s stamina. The inner strength beyond physical challenges. This soul becomes the inner compass of our directions. When we fully listen to our soul, we become one integrated being in all aspects of our existence. The fruitful soul is one that endures the pain of this body and transcend it to a more meaningful existence. We can turn them into miracles, perhaps through this illness we become more compassionate and kind to ourselves and others. We gain insight and empathy to those who suffer. We bond with kindness.

Our lives can look like a kaleidoscope where we can take a glimpse of certain formation and turn it around and create a more beautiful form. It is in these eyes of the soul that we can see through our suffering, a freedom from being stuck. Liberation from suffering of not being able to move forward from the pain. When we are in this pain body, move beyond our mind and know that there is a reality that we can create. Perhaps, donating our time to children who are dying in the hospice care. Anything that can take our ego out of the equation, by being of service. First relinquish the need to grasp and open our mind and hearts to what is. How can I serve others through this pain? How can I benefit others through this? Things to ponder when we are challenged.

Be an observer of our mind, is it groundless or grasping? Release the need to grasp, allow the energy to move into our chakras or body systems. Noticed how the energy flows, meditate daily, go for a walk in nature. Commune with mother earth to ground ourselves. Eat lightly and play. These can ease whatever we are going through. Only allow good thoughts to come in our spacious and groundless mind. This brings fruits to our souls. We are magnificent beings of Light. Be light to ourselves and others. Flow with the river of our consciousness and fly with the wings of love.

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