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Harmony, Synchronicity and Miracles


The beautiful fruits of manifestations are these harmonious synchronicities that happen when you are in the zone. What are the signs that you are living in the universal energy?

– Doors of opportunities are opening for you.

– You become a magnet for attracting events that will lead to your expansion.

– You see things in a more magnified way.

– You become the magnetic force.

– Things flow easy.

– You listen to the messages and know that everything is according to Divine timing.

– You are living in synchronicity with harmonious creation.

– Your relationships become more peaceful, loving and joyful.

– There is a flow of abundance in your life.

– You attract miracles.

Harmony is the flow of the universal energy. When there is resistance, you create hindrance in the flow of grace. Open your life and be a channel for this divine grace to flow. You are born to shine your magnificent Self. You are connected to the divine link of God’s particles. Every cellular tissues, fibers, memories and consciousness that you have is connected to this Source. When you reached this heightened awareness you become one with the universal mind of God. You will see others as part of you, and you as part of them. You are mirrors of each other.

Synchronicity is a tangible sign that is given by the universe when you are one with the Source. The Law of One directs you into oneness with all that is. You magnetized others that are resonating in the same vibratory frequency. Your high vibrations create a rippling effect to the ocean of love and connect others to your presence. There is communication in the universal field of energy and therefore what you put out there will be receive in this unified energetic field of resonance. Everything is energy, light attracts light. When you are working with the light force, you attract this in your energy field.

Miracles are fruits of your choices to align yourself to God or Source. When you are in alignment with the universal energy and universal mind of God, you attract miracles in your life. These are gifts for those who are ready and willing to receive. You have to be open, trusting and  faithful that you have this divine birthright in order for miracles to come. When you believe that miracles do come true, it creates a path of quantum leap. Everything is here, you are eternal, believe that what you ask is given already. Then your dreams will come true, your hopes and desires will give you this fulfillment in your existence, dream big and fly high with the angels!

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