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Healer Archetype


This healer archetype is activated in our consciousness right now as we all need healing from different levels of our existence. As a healer myself, I realized the light aspect of this template. I heal because I want to help others heal. Deep within me is the core being of compassion and empathy for other people. There is a need to assist and as I co-create this energy fields with others, people who needs healing show up. In my career of 27 yrs of nursing, I did a lot of soul healing with the elders especially with the dying. As a palliative nurse beside my dying patients I find the role of a mid-wife to the unknown world. I realized that I was there with them to help their transition lighter. All I say and whisper to their ears is this simple phrases, “do not be afraid, let go of fear. Your loved ones are waiting for you there. Follow the Light.” Then, the client will open their eyes and take a deep breath and smile as if they are conveying their gratitude to me. It is quite surreal to experience this solemn moments. I feel blessed by these angels to witnessed their transition to the other dimension. I used to count them at least there were 100 patients that passed away when I was with them. What a blessing for a healer to have these gifts. This is my personal experiences with the healer archetype as a nurse.

Now that I became an Akashic Records Blueprint Curator, it is a totally different ballgame so to speak. This type of healing method is more on empowerment and helping others to see their blockages, clear them and create a new template of their blueprints in the Akashic fields. That is very powerful and helps them create a new timeline and grids for an ascended Self that has the capacity to illuminate darkness in their own dark nights of the soul.

I myself is in awe of this gift, I found it magical as I witnessed huge transformations with the clients. The healer archetype is one that truly resonates into my daily living. To find balance with this energy, I ground myself into the beauty of nature. It can be draining if you do not know how to ground and help yourself focus on what specifically you want to co-create with the divine Source of all that is. It is important for healers to understand that they have the power to create and be focus on what you want to create.

The shadow of this archetype is abuse, you can manipulate outcome or take control of someone’s beliefs and situation especially when they are vulnerable. You can also be attached to the outcome. I realized that healers should not take things personal. As you heal others know that this healing energy is from the Masters of Light. That you are a conduit for this healing to happen but it is not in your hands. So take the healing tool that you use, be humble and totally surrender to the divine power and grace.

Humility is necessary for healers as this can go into your head and your ego can take place. It will not be a healthy outcome for you and others if ego is in the way. Keep checking yourself about your ego and how it is affecting your ability to heal others. Is your pride coming from your ego or are you grateful for the divine gift of healing? Make sure that you are in alignment to our Soul when healing. Laughter is the best grounding tool. When we have maintain our sense of humor, we do not take ourselves seriously. We create a space of lightness and compassion. We are all in the same boat anyway, the healer needs to heal thyself. Be open, kind and compassionate with yourself and others. Healing is Light and love for all creations. Love and create openness into your energy fields of healing. Do not take anything personal. Let go of attachments to the outcome. Be free.

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