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Healing Fear of Intimacy

As a victim of sexual abuse I find it difficult to be intimate with another person. In the past I would delve in a series of relationships and found myself in the same cyclical patterns of brokenness. I knew the roots of this was about my molestations as an infant, and was sexually molested by my father. I lost my trust from the people that I loved. As a conscious evolved person, I realized that healing sexual abuse takes a very deep and multi-dimensional healing than any other abuse. Because our sexuality and spirituality is one sacred energy where our Kundalini rises. Kundalini is that flow of energy that is dormant within each of us, that lies in the base or roots of our spine and rises to the top of our head which is our Crown Chakra. When this is blocked due to trauma or abuse our human consciousness can’t reach the highest potential of awakening. We need to activate this Kundalini to rise up and have that flow of energy within our system to become fully attuned to the universal energy fields of the Cosmos. So it is important that we us conscious evolved beings of light and love that we are awaken and aware of our Kundalini and this will assist us in our Ascension process.

Accessing the Akashic Records helps me in my ascension process. Giving me understanding and clarity, why my soul chooses to experience this darkness in this human consciousness. Akashic came from the Sanskrit word “Akasha” meaning sky, ether or primordial substance before anything becomes a form. Just like an Architech would need to write a blueprint before building a house, the Akashic Records are the blueprints of our souls. Everything is recorded in the Akashic fields, all our thoughts, emotions, words and actions. Can you imagine the vastness of it all? We have these immense living conscious libraries of our souls, where we can have access to find directions and revelations on how to release blockages and heal the wounds of our souls. Each one of us have our own unique vibrations of our souls Records. The Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels, our Higher selves, spiritual teams and guides and loved ones from another dimensions assist us in our prayers to the Record Keepers to dispense to us the grace and healing in our souls journeys. They are guarded and protected by the Lords of the Akashic Records. No one can have access to our Records without our permission or only when we learn how to access our own Records.

I ask my Records Keepers, what are my fear of having an intimate relationship? These are the blockages that came up and my intention in sharing this to you is that you may be able to find light in your own darkness and allow love to open your heart fully to breathe and just be. Creating room for healing and surrendering our fears and shadows to trust that we are always loved and safe to belong to someone.

Blockages and Fear of Intimacy:

– judgement of yourself and others
– your story
– yourself or ego
– the past
– perfectionism
– no trust
– the need to be right
– doubt
– low self worth and self esteem
– fear of being hurt
– unconscious negative belief of “I don’t deserve to be happy.”
– unconscious negative belief of “I’m not good enough.”
– insecurity
– unable to receive love
– shame and guilt
– closed heart, walls around the heart
– vulnerability as a sign of weakness

How can I release these blockages and fears?
– self-love, look into your eyes in the mirror everyday and say “I am loved and I am beautiful.”
– open and allow communication to develop between you and the other person to grow
– be aware of your negative thoughts about the other person and clear your mind
– ground your thoughts into your heart and breathe
– you can’t solve the problem with the same mind that created it, shift it to your heart consciousness
– let go of fear, flow with the energy of love and surrender to the Divine source of love
– trust your intuition and gut feelings
– honor your worth, value yourself and respect your existence
– you deserve the best of everything
– ask Archangel Chamuel and the pink light to assist you in healing and clearing brokenness
– ask Archangel Raphael and the green light for healing the sexual trauma and injuries in your cellular level of memories and consciousness and create a new template of healing, compassion and kindness for yourself and others

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