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Healing from the Womb of our Mothers



When mothers are pregnant they are carrying our emotional intelligence, consciousness and cellular memories. Depending on their holistic emotional and mental state of condition, we develop our emotional intelligence. The challenges arise when one aspect of our mothers emotional or mental state in the conception stage is not balance or wholesome, then these flaws are hidden or lies dormant in our biology and energy fields. When these emotions are triggered and activated within our cellular memories and consciousness, then we reenact these lower emotional frequency of vibrations such anxiety attacks, panic or anger. These layers of unconscious memories will rise up in our biological system manifesting as illness or “dis-ease” signalling to us where our wires are crossed. When we are experiencing stress or pain it is our body talking to us where our energy is leaking or not aligned.

Most of us focus our attention on the pain and never really listen to our body talks. Our body receives and transmits information every nano second of our existence. When we become still, the messages are relay. We have to ask our body parts why the pain is happening and how we can relieve it? It is deeper than what we think, layers upon layers of emotional and mental chromosomes that had been passed from generations to generations. All past lives in all timelines, dimensions and realities. We are healing all these in our conscious awareness when we tap into our Akashic Records because we are given the windows of opportunities to see what is blocking us from being wholesome and relieved from all of these sufferings in our bodies and timeline that we are living in.

When our relationships with our mothers are not healed, it is difficult to connect to our divine feminine energy because of this misaligned energies between our mothers and ourselves. In order to heal this, we have to forgive first our mothers for whatever things or mistakes they had caused us. Then, we forgive ourselves for harming our mothers. This congruency with our souls which is about light and love helps us transcend this lifetime and release the baggage that we are carrying energetically. The healing connects our souls in eternal timelines and realities. We become secure with our existence in this planet Earth and our roots are grounded deeper within our consciousness. We feel that we belong and loved.

This is a powerful mantra or prayer in releasing and clearing blockages or any illness in our energy fields. ” I release and clear my mother’s energy cords and fields,  blockages, unconscious negative beliefs, attachments, entities, beings, and souls that are in my energy fields from all timelines, dimensions and realities to go back to the source of love and light.” Anytime we are releasing or clearing remember to fill the void or gap with a positive affirmation or prayer, bringing in love and light in the space. ” I now ask for the blessings of healing of my mother’s womb, love, light, abundance, joy, peace and freedom to receive these from the Divine providence of the source of everything. To fully manifest these gifts in my timeline right here right now, Amen.”

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