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Healing of the Family’s Karma

Healing of the family’s karma is about those energetic imprints, attachments and bondage that are attached to our souls. We are unconscious human beings,  that as adults we keep repeating the same cycles all over again. Experiencing the pain and sufferings of our family’s karma that we had when we were children. When we grew up, our inner child archetype carried these lower vibratory frequency of our energetic fields. As adults we recreated the same emotions of fear or any blockage that we had experienced as a child. The same situations in a different form of conflicts. We immerse our selves in chaotic patterns that are not healthy for us. We become unconscious creator of these conditions and habits. Until we become conscious of what is appearing in our realities in the current lifetime,we can then connect these emotions and together we can transmute these in our patterns and infused the love and light within.

In our ascension process, we are literally being called to detach from these lower vibrations of our emotions. These lower vibrations are forms of anger, sadness, worry, fear, shame, guilt, pride, grief and apathy. There are emotional signatures that our family’s karma is carrying through generations that had passed on. It forms addictions, attachments and bondage to our energy fields and they are not healthy for us. Any emotions that makes us feel small, restricted, contracted or restrained are not serving our highest good. These are the energetic imprints like entities that are alive sucking our light out and creating shadows in our energy fields, creating heavy clouds within our psyche and aura. During the process of detachment or releasing these emotions, we will attract situations that will mirror our past pain in our lifetime. It’s not an easy space to be in because we are challenged once again to face our hidden conflicts with others or members of our family.

Our parents are like an octupus with its tentacles being the children. When the children are co- dependent with their parents, they are insecure of themselves. They needed to nurture their souls and in order to do this they are attached to their parent in unhealthy ways. Their souls feel fragmented and in a twisted way created this co-dependency with their parents. Observe how you are relating with your parent and if it is a destructive pattern. Reflect and investigate how you are using your parent as an attachment to your insecurities.

Healing Karma, starts from knowing the emotional signatures that are bonding you with your family. Acknowledge the patterns, conditions and cycles. When did this pattern started in your life? At what age did you duplicate this pattern? When in your body do you feel some stuck or heavy energy? What is the main emotion that is tied with it.  What is your coping mechanism?

As you learn and acknowledge your karmic bond that you inherited from your family. It is time to heal them in your Akashic Records. This is a multi-dimensional healing tool, all layers of your mental, emotional, etheric and astral bodies would be clear in your book of life. We are releasing these patterns in all timeline, dimensions, space and reality. Ask the Ascended Masters to clear these and heal. Ask these energies to go back to the Source of love and light. When we clear some energies, we need to ask the Masters of light to infused love, peace, grace or any blessings that you would love to have.


We ask the Lords of the Akashic Records to open my  book of life and allow access to my own Records. My name is ________(state your legal name) The records are now open. (Repeat three times) I ask that my family’s karmic bondage and energetic imprints  in my book of life will be clear, release and healed. We ask these energies to go back to the Source of love and light. We ask the Archangels and angels to infuse the healing light and essence within my cellular level of memories, consciousness and existence. Thank you, thank you and thank you for this healing. My Akashic records are now closed, they are now closed, and now closed. And so it is.


Blessings of miracles,


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