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Healing Sexual Addictions


Healing sexual addictions and other addictions are not easy to heal unless people have come into self realizations that they need the Higher power for interventions and healing. What is a Higher power? It is acknowledging the force or power of the universe, Source of all that is, God whoever or whatever God means to you. It is an act of surrender that you have no power over the addictions and that you are asking the universe to help you to transcend this darkness or shadows in your life that keeps you in bondage or entrapped. Addictions are shadows of our true light which is love.  An escape to deny ourselves our true identity which is our truth, light beings of love or souls that have come and incarnate here to experience being human and fully express God’s creations. Only with the power of grace and Divine intervention a person will truly shift.

The wounds are quite deep within the soul level of healing because we have touched the spiritual core of our being. Not like other addictions from food, alcohol or drugs, sexual addiction is beyond the level of understanding, because it affects our spirits, souls and consciousness. Our spirits, consciousness and souls have energetic fields, when we are unconscious about this, we become blind to our addictions. When we make love we are also integrating with another person’s energy fields within the spirit, soul and consciousness level of vibrations. We are in the sacred space of the womb. We get attached to other people’s signature or imprints, we are trapped in the dark. The cycle continues and we don’t  heal ourselves because we get this heightened orgasm that gives pleasure to our bodies. We can’t see our light within our souls because we live in the shadows of our souls. We feel separation from our Source Creator. We feel lost, confused and alone.

Imagine how many souls you have intertwine with when you touch one soul that had touched all the souls that this human being had touched as well. I envision it like molding cheese, the more you have sexual partners the more molds you get into your soul or light body. This analogy had touched the core of my soul and wisdom, going through all the phases of sexual addictions and cravings that one has to go through when one is addicted to sex. In my personal experiences as a sexual victim of incest and rapes, I had gone through hellish moments and tortures of my soul. The darkness envelops our light and we get stuck within our own shadow.

We have to wake up in our own illusions and fears, take courage to face our demons or fear that enough damage is done. We are more powerful than these challenges. We are here to shine our light and not to hide these gifts to help others transcend their darkness into light. Without our light others will be stuck in the dark and they will feel the agony of their own hell. Our addictions is like hell, they keep torturing our souls and prevent us from becoming wholesome, trustworthy, feeling safe and secure in relationships, loving to ourselves and others. This prayer or intention is to help heal and cut the cords of all shadows, darkness and entities that have attached to our energy fields.

” I release and clear all darkness and shadows of sexual addictions and entities that are attached to my energy fields that is not of light from all dimensions, timelines and realities to go back to the source of love and light. I ask the Lords of the Akashic Records, Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels and my Higher Self to seal my Soul with infinite love, light and grace for my highest good and the highest good of all and so it is.”

Our Sacral Chakra is sacred because it is the womb of creation. This holds the creation codes for humanity. When God created this womb it was intended to be a space to nurture and nourish the development of our souls integrating our biological or physical bodies and multi dimensional aspects of our being. What are souls? They are the fragmented aspects of Gods divine creation. We are one with the Source of all that is. We are the consciousness of Gods love. Our souls are the Higher vibrations of our blueprints in the Akashic fileds that holds our book of lives. What are shadows or darkness? They are spaces or void in our souls that needs light. Light dissipates this sexual addiction that lingers in the dark because of shame and guilt. Our soul needs to be purified and healed from all the wounds and darkness of addiction. Souls are one unified consciousness and we are many souls within the soul of God. We are all sentient beings in one unified union of souls or consciousness.

Let us see beyond our addictions, take this as a portal of soul healing. Our addiction goes beyond our imaginations. We have many lifetimes and we accumulated some from our past lives, ancient lineage, bloodlines and DNA. Let us commit ourselves to be the light for our generations to come. We placed our sexuality in honor of our souls. We keep the sanctity of our wombs of creation for soul level of intimacy. Let us be one in unifying our level of consciousness in light and Gods divine love.

Blessings of peace,


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