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Healing sexual addictions



Sexual addictions and many other addictions are not easy to heal unless the person has come into self realizations that he or she is powerless about this sickness. Only with the power of grace and Divine intervention, that the person’s choice and willpower to shift and transform from all of these illusions and destructive patterns, will there ever be resolution and true healing to take place. It is very deep within the soul level of healing because we have touched the spirit level damage of our core being. It is not like other addictions like food, alcohol or drugs, this sexual addictions is beyond the level of understanding because it comprised of unified consciousness and souls of other beings that had been in sexual contact with the other souls so to speak.

Imagine how many souls you have intercourse with when you touch one soul that had touched all the souls that this human being had touched as well. Because soul is one unified consciousness and we are many souls within the soul of God. We are all sentient beings in one unified union of souls or consciousness. This theory or analogy had touched the core of my soul and wisdom, going through all the phases of sexual addictions and cravings that one has to go through when one is addicted to sex.

In my personal experiences as a sexual victim of incest and rapes, I had gone through hellish moments of tortures within my own devil. The devil was within me, as this sexual pleasures seeks and craves for my soul, mind, body and heart’s longings. It is like a very strong urge to keep attracting another person to be involve with and every new person gives you that high and climactic exultation of self.

Sexual healing takes a lot of time and peeling off layers of mental tortures and emotional toxins that you had imprinted in your blueprint, crystalline structures and holographic matrices. As one becomes awake, conscious of the dynamics of healing beyond the body, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of being. One knows that our whole existence has to become an awareness that witnessed such miraculous transformations. This multi dimensional energy healing goes beyond the conventional Western Medicine. It is a holistic approach to what a person needs to have a healthy, wholesome fulfilling outlook on their own soul’s purpose. To become align to the magnificent force and power of healing beyond our level of understanding.

The layers of variety of negative low vibratory emotions are the compass for the gateway of true healing. Our broken wounded hearts are enveloped in this toxicity of emotional debris that accumulated through the years and it even goes beyond all past incarnated lives and ancestral lineage. The energetic component of our blood line DNA passed along through generations stays imprinted in our DNA/RNA and exist in our emotional intelligence. When one is asleep, one is powerless to this deep layers of wounds that need to be address and heal before one finds inner peace and healing.

The web of lies and deceptions when one is sexually abused, there is this underlying lie to oneself that he or she is seeking intimacy but when in a relationship, one runs away from fear of intimacy and commitment because of the “pain body” they become afraid of this soul union. This addiction is like an entity or being that resides within the body, it occupies your existence to find lots of excuses to run away from true intimacy.

It can be voices in the head that tells you that you are not good enough for the other person and all they want is your body and sex. They are not interested in your soul but you are a piece of meat. It is not easy to see that this voice is just is a voice of rejection of your protector false self. Because of the emotional and mental pain that a sexual victim or survivor goes through this voice becomes identified as real and true but the truth is this,  is just a voice of rejection that you yourself created to guard your heart and soul because of the damage that was done to you when you were abused.

There are trigger points that when stimulated like smell of pheromones, presence of excitement and the unknown territory of wondering how good can this person be in bed with me? How would this sexual encounter with this new person feels like? These are deep feelings of urgency that one sexual addict feels activated to the core of his existence. The unconscious person becomes weak and in times of temptation gets the body aroused with addictive force of sexual innuendos. Thus, a victim continually succumb itself to this dark and unending cycles of false unification of two bodies without the integration of their hearts, mind and soul. It becomes a web of cycle of addictive events seeking behavior, that goes into a cyclical motion of events, that creates another door or portal of entry into another unification of spirit, lost in the darkness of the deceitful acts of the enemy.

The darkness is expanded in its rugged edge to install deep layers of more lies about the sacredness and sanctity of uniting spirits, body and souls. Our human consciousness regarding sexuality has definitely reached the lowest and darkest point of hell so to speak. It is quite embedded in our human consciousness that everything around us is manipulated and controlled by the enemy. The media that is power controlled to give us this subliminal messages that sex is good and all these enticements and advertisements about selling body and sex.

We are far deep from saving grace, we need to wake up before all our children suffer this great darkness of the enemy. One has difficulty and challenge to be in light perspective of their own sexuality and spirituality because of all the judgements, fear and illusions that we have created in the midst of our society within the context of the so called Judicial and government that’s suppose to guard and protect us. We are in deep darkness and embedded in this link of illusions, power control of the Elites, government and politics,  advertising and media and many other institutions that shove us into deeper hell that we are already in.

We have to wake up in our own illusions and fears, take courage to face our demons or fear that enough damage is done. We are peaceful warriors of true Christ light. The shadow is here and is a part of our paradoxical world.We have been deceived by our enemy which is the devils advocate and that is also within our mind consciousness because they are the negative energy that inhabits the Earth and all creatures of God. We are more powerful than these challenges, Jesus has overcome this world and we would do more greater things than him as the Bible says.

We need to protect ourselves from all these attacks and be a peaceful warrior of God. The Devil is just is, an archetype energy that is against our true light and the consciousness of God. There is nothing to fear about this entity, I have faced my own evil and look at him in the eye without fear. With Michael the Archangel as my guard and protector there is nothing to fear about. We are here to shine our light and not to hide this gifts to help others transcend in this shift of consciousness. Without our light others will be stuck in the dark and they will feel the agony of their own hell.

Our addictions is like hell, they keep torturing our souls and prevent us from becoming wholesome, trustworthy, feeling safe and secure in relationships, loving to ourselves and others. I created this prayer or intention to heal and cut the cords of all these souls that have attached to my being and existence to release my soul from all the Karmic bondages of all force of darkness and become empowered by the true light and love of God.

” I release all the Karmic bondages from all of these souls that I had unified within my body, mind, heart, spirit and soul in a sexual union without the sanctity and sacredness of my Holy Spirit. Name the persons concern. In these sexual unions that violated my soul I cut the cords of the spirit of attachments, obsession and possession, restlessness, uncontrolled longing, desires, craving, urge,  power of manipulation and control, sexual sins  to be release and be cut free from all these souls and for them to be guided towards the Christ light of God and Source so they can complete its path in the highest good of all. Amen and be it done.”

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