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Healing sexuality and spirituality


The collective consciousness of humanity today stands in a very dark and deceitful cunning ways of the evil forces. We have to wake up and help others as light workers to bring awareness to what is happening to our realities and how we are being manipulated by media, news and other ways that this web of darkness is using to trap our souls in the pit of hell. This matrix of the elite are controlling us in our mind, body, spirit and soul level that if we are not wide awake, we can easily be caught and entangled back into this spiral of deceptions.This is the separation or underworld that we have here in our fields.

Our roles as beams of light is to transmute and transmit this truth to others who are caught unconsciously or consciously. To remind them of their power, truth and essence. As I watch music videos and movies, I realized that the whole mind game is playing under these hypnosis and when young people are receiving these, they are very vulnerable and follow these idols. Even the idols themselves are probably not aware of their participation in the whole scheme of things. We are bombarded by materials that can lead to attachments and bondage to hide the truth from us which is the beauty of our spirit and soul.

When someone is sexually abused, there is this energetic transfer that occurs between the abuser and victim. This is what I call the black holes in our souls, it becomes a void or empty spot that is not easy to detect if your awareness is not strong enough because the victim somehow becomes addicted to the abuse and doesn’t realize that her manifestations or creations magnetizes these situations until someone recognized this energetic entanglement into their DNA and consciousness. This pattern of unconscious state when not healed becomes a void and shows in relationships that is broken and chaotic.

When one makes love to another being, their souls merged and unified in their spirits whatever emotional charges or vibrations they are carrying. If you are carrying negative emotional vibrations then the other person receives that in her energetic fields. When someone makes love to a person, you are making love to all the person’s partners in their lifetime. When we do this, we become a part of the collective unconscious state of the darkness. Our light becomes dimmed and we can not see beyond the deceptions of this evil force. That is why sexuality and spirituality is together a unified force in the universe. If we want to create a unified consciousness, we have to clear and clean our acts together.

The unconscious state of our humanity caught in this web of deceptions of the evil will continue to be worst if we don’t address the sacredness of sexuality. We need to address this in our children and other victims of sexual abuse to help them transcend the pain and suffering that goes with this deception. This is the most addictive tool that the evil is using against our souls because it is in the spiritual level and when we are open to these attacks, we are blinded by our strong urges and desires. We are human beings and we are biologically built for these pleasures. Our spirit has to be wholesome to know that we are about light and love.

Ways to heal sexual addictions:

1. Surrender to your Higher power that you have this addictions, like in a 12 step program for AA you give this to the Source knowing that you are here to heal with the grace of God, whoever God is for you.

2. Detoxification period, stay away from relationships that will be harmful in your healing.

3. Journal your way through it, learn how to access your Akashic Records a powerful tool to heal your soul.

4. Forgive yourself, those that you have hurt consciously or unconsciously, and forgive others.

5. Start where you are, be gentle and kind to yourself. Guilt is not a healthy friend in healing. Stay positive.

6. Meditation, walking in nature, grounding yourself helps in healing.

7. Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive and loving people.

8. Create and visualize yourself as healed and happy.

9. Go to a sexual holistic healer that resonates with your truth.

10. Love yourself, wake up with a joyful mind in service for others.

Remember that things happen to you for a reason and for whatever darkness you have experienced you have the power to turn this into another door to help others transcend their darkness into light, where there is darkness let there be light.

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