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Healing the Addict Archetype


Archetypes are the language of our souls. Knowing your archetypal contracts in your lifetime can help you understand why you do the things you do and you can not understand why? These are energy templates or blueprints that you have agreed before you incarnate in this lifetime. One of the most prevalent archetypes that we have in our collective unconscious is the addict. Other healers describe them as the hungry ghost. It is relentless and restless. Always looking for that “high” masking the deep pain of our emotional wounds that affect our behavior, mental state and spirituality. We are infected with the virus of addiction and our society does not help us in any way but to feed our addictions in order to gain money, power and control. They feed our fears and weaknesses if we allow them. Let us explore this archetype.

Where did addiction started? If we look at our history we have been addicts for a long time not only with substances but also with our behavior like obsession, posssesion, control, power and manipulation.

Today I listened to Gabo Mate’s teachings and know in my heart that this is what I have been avoiding for many years. I had an alcoholic father and had seen the violence of my own mother beating him up when he was drunk. This vision in my childhood years gave me the creeps and now that I am a healer I am faced with the same hungry ghost and wonder why I was avoiding this pain. The pain is within me and around me. I am surrounded by addicts and I became an addict as well. Whatever substance you tried to fill in the void in your heart and soul, you can never get enough because it is a deep dark well of emptiness and old imprints of pain within our psyche, emotional body, and spiritual fields.
What now? How can we help ourselves to be in a healthy relationship with others and our own selves? We can only change the things that we can and ask the Higher Power the serenity to accept the things that we can not change. The serenity prayer tells it all, I took the courage to ask for forgiveness to my children and those that I had hurt in my lifetime. We have to be responsible and accountable for all the things that we had done. It is a challenge for us to be humble and admit our mistakes. First step acknowledge that you had created pain.
There are a lot of factors to delve into this studies but will be happy to update you in my findings and how our soul can transcend this “soul’s virus of addiction”!
Steps in helping and understanding addiction:
1. Acknowledge that you have a problem
2. Ask for forgiveness to all those that you had hurt.
3. Forgive yourself, let go of guilt and shame.
4. Pray the Serenity prayer to help you go through it with serenity, acceptance, courage and wisdom.
5. Become conscious and aware of your stressful triggers.
6. Create a care plan for yourself to monitor your progress.
7. Have a supportive group be it AA or Alanon.
8. Open to your family and create a healthy meetings with them.
9. Be vulnerable, share your deepest pain and have compassion for yourself and others.
10. Consult a soul healer for comfort and to understand your soul’s perspective why you have to experience such pain in your lifetime.
11. You are never alone, connect to your Higher Power be it God, universe or the Source.
12. Live lightly, open and honest to your own feelings and others.
13. Release others that are toxic to your healing.
14. Create a healthy boundary for yourself and others.
15. Put our attention to what you want to create now, such as healthy relationships, books to write, or arts anything that your heart speaks of.
16. Be happy, life is too short to hide in the darkness of addictions and lies.
17. Create something beautiful from your experiences. Share openly who are in your path to help them lighten up.
18. You are bigger than this template, you are here to experience and be the Alchemist of your destiny.
19. Make yourself a priority, care and have self love when caring for addicts.
20. Meditate, create a safe and sacred space for your healing, have a spiritual ritual for your daily lives.
Blessings of miracles,

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