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Healing the Pain from Abortions, Miscarriages and Still Births


The painful experiences of mothers who had lost their children from abortions, miscarriages or still births create an emotional energetic imprints in the womb. There is an energetic cord attached to the traumatic event and creates an emotional pain body inside the wombs of women. The Sacral Chakra Energy Center becomes blocked and it creates sufferings to relationships and sexuality. The feminine goddess energy is misaligned with the soul’s purpose.

When conception happens, the DNA of a man and woman becomes one, creating a living conscious soul. This fetus that grows for approximately 9 months in the womb absorbs informations from both gender’s blueprints. We are looking at the Akashic Records or soul’s imprints of these people and how it affects the life of this soul inside the womb. We call this soul genetic encoding not only about biological function but also in our soul level encoding of our ancient bloodlines, DNA and energetic imprints of our family’s ancestors.

The history of our human evolution affects us in our existence. All that was created and imprinted here in mother Earth is a part of our collective consciousness. Therefore we live in the quantum soup of all that is. When we are unconscious of our creations, we create sufferings in our lives. We need to understand the soul codes of humanity in order to process our human conditioning.

When mothers loose their children in any forms or ways, they create an emotional painful body in their Sacral Chakra. This energy center resides in the reproduction of human beings. It is a vortex or wheel of energy that connects us to the power of sex. money, creativity and relationships. We create a blockage that will create a never ending cycles of events that results in painful situations. This happens when we don’t heal our pain from this energy center. Unconsciously we recreate fear and other lower emotional signatures of pain.

The mothers need to clear and heal their issues, find a soul healer to help transcend their pain. Because of the deeper wounds that this pain carries, it is necessary that a soul or spiritual healer is consulted. When the mothers’ wombs are not healed, the children that inherit these emotional signatures of pain will recreate situations in their lifetime like a cycle of karma. This is the karmic bond between parents and children. You can identify these painful emotional signatures that play along with your family dynamics such as anger, guilt, abandonment, fear, shame, anxiety and many other emotions that are toxic to our spirit.

It is important that our mothers’ wombs be healed to create children that are carrying the light consciousness of love. To evolve we need to transcend these sufferings. We don’t need to stay in the dark or go through painful events. We can help others transform by sharing light and love. We are always being guided by our Higher Selves our Souls. We are being assisted by our Ascended Masters, Archangels, angels, Beings of love and light, our loved ones from another dimensions. We need to consciously call them to create a safe and sacred space around us. These being of Light transmute our blockages and transmit new encodings of light into our DNA to fully ascend this lifetime.

We have been in the dark for eons of time. This is the new horizon of healing our consciousness and species. In order to hold the sacred space for mother Earth Gaia to fully ascend with our existence, we are ask to carry these light codes of our souls into full alignment with her gala. The high vibrations of our humanity will help our species to evolve into light beings of love. We can not allow sufferings to bring us down. We transcend these dark nights of our souls into treasures in the light. When you are experiencing darkness you have to the power to call in light. The light that penetrates each and every particles of our souls.

Calling the masters in your situations will allow healing in your family lineage. Cutting the cords of attachments, stories of pain, blockages, fear, unconscious negative beliefs, human conditioning, entities, negative emotional signatures and patterns. St. Germain and the Violet flame with Archangel Zadkiel works great at this department so to speak. Invoke them and light a candle, create a sacred space. Heal the children of our future. Bring the light and love and we will ascend these lifetimes into a magnificent experiences of our lifetimes.

May you find light in times of darkness,  comfort in times of sorrows,  inner peace in times of chaos, understanding in times of confusion,  forgiveness in times of guilt, surrender in times of griefs, and eternal love from your beloved children. They never really left, they will always be a part of you inside your precious hearts and divine souls. Eternal souls we are.

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