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Healing the roots of anger



What is anger? it is a space of separation from your truth which is love, oneness and peace. It is a projection of your separation from the other person or thing that you are angry about. An emotion that triggers deeper part of the collective underlying emotions that are the root causes of this emotion to surface. We have to examine what are these emotions that are underlying within us to know why we are angry and how we can heal our anger needs a lot of inner work and reflection.

As I’ve observed the faces of anger, I realized that there is a passive and active action that happens when anger is expressed. Like two faces of a coin, one is passive and the other one is aggressive.There is the passive or repressed anger that someone goes through. One is not aware and unconscious about this because they tend to go into their own shell that they repressed or suppressed their emotions and find themselves isolated and withdrawn from the other person who is on the receiver side. They clam up and this is the way they express their anger towards the other person without knowing that they are doing this passive approach to anger. This is about control and manipulation of emotion that they withhold their openness in order not to share their true feelings. Disconnected from the other person and their own emotional body, they learn to close their heart. This state mostly happens to abused vulnerable victims and they need to empower themselves by tuning into their emotional body and release this pain and how they cope or voice their anger.

The other face of anger is the aggressive volatile approach and this can be threatening to relationships to people that you love the most because it breeds fear, anxiety and anger. An explosive energy that a person is triggered when one is not aware of their pain body. The person is blind to his reality and it destroys your inner peace because it gives a cycle of guilt, regret and leads to more frustrations and anger. It is a projection of your pain body and separation from your oneness state of well being. Take this as a catalyst to find the root cause of your anger, for healing your soul.

You are holding to the old structure of belief about yourself and others. There is no separation with ourselves and others so if you are angry at others you are also angry at yourself. We are all one. There is a story that you are holding in unconscious state of negative vibrations that leads to anger. Being hard of yourself and not forgiving others for the pain that they had caused you in the past. Relieving this emotion in your present moment with situations that arises. The universe will always give these windows of opportunities to practice your anger management.

Anger creates hostility, conflicts and stress that limits your potentialities to experience true love. This is not the space someone wants to be, we all want to be loved. But somehow we forget how and we seem to know and do the things that doesn’t promote love but breeds hatred. Awareness of this emotion can help transcend your life. When you become the observer or witness to the situation then you will find a space to go to instead of reacting and experiencing anger. This is the state of suspension like a hanging bridge towards peace. Use this emotion as an opportunity for spiritual awakening, in that state of powerlessness be the awareness that arises.

Your presence will be more pronounced as these situations give you more doors of opportunities to practice and be the master of your anger. These emotions are not you, don’t identify with them. They are powerless when you become the awareness itself. There is no more meaning and no reactions to these thoughts that triggers anger. You just become the space of oneness, where there is no separation of others and yourself.

Healthy steps to take when feeling angry:

1. Recognized your emotions when you are angry, stay in the emotional body and feel them ie. frustrations, anxiety, adrenalin rush

2. Breathe, breathe, breathe then you know that you have arrive in the space of suspension like a hanging bridge between turmoil or inner peace.

3. Give yourself a space and open the communication between two parties when ready to be the observer or witness to your awareness.

4. Take this door of opportunity for openness and loving communication between two souls.

5. Stay in your heart space, be vulnerable, honest about your feelings, and know that you are always safe and loved in this space that you had become a participant in the universal fields.

Bless this opportunity that helps you transcend your emotional state of separation into oneness with other sentient beings. As you create this awareness you create a rippling effect in the collective consciousness of humanity towards peace and not war. We have to be aware of our inner peace in order to shift our state into oneness. Be the peace you want to be.


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