You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Here and now



In this universal energy, we are all connected. There is no linear time and space. No boundary and separation. When we are connected to this Source of creation, we know who we truly are. We are magnificent beings of light and love. Everything that we experience is our creation that is created within. Our awareness will bring us into the space of knowing. Let us open our hearts to heal and align to our magnificent selves. We have this pure essence of light. We become clear of our directions and what we want to manifest.

In manifestation, we have to realized that we are bringing in the energy of our future selves in the present moment. By being our authentic selves we show our truth. Our presence is the oasis of others. We become a channel of love. Others are here to remind us of how beautiful we are. We are mirrors of each other. When we see others as mirrors then, we are reminded of our fragmented parts. These aspects of ourselves bring us into our multi dimensional selves. We  become align to our expansion.

Our expression of our true selves is our soul’s purpose. We are here to experience joy, love and peace. The here and now is where we are creating our future selves. We tap into the vast resources when we know and understand our blueprint of creation. Our creation is here in the now when we act on it. Put our attention to our vision and know that it is here now. Faith is the quantum leap of our soul. When we have faith it paves the way for the flow to run smoothly. Our trust to the divine order of things, will synchronize events to create miracles in this lifetime.

When we put our intention to the universe, it magnetized things that are vibrationally matching to us. Our vibrations will create our realities. We have to take responsibility for our own vibrations. Everything is our creation, whatever it may be. They are all here because we created them consciously or unconsciously. Our awareness of where they are coming from will help us transcend emotions that are in lower frequency. Listen to what the universe is giving you. They show in signs and metaphors. When you are attune, you will know because there is a flow. Have no resistance or fear. Don’t judge whatever comes there is always a bigger picture to see.

Let go of fear about anything, just be. Learn what the gift is. We are transmitters of communication of every kind. All sentient beings are capable of receiving communications. Allowing this open heart to receive messages will open the portal for us. All living and non living things have the access to communicate, when we are open. Our limitations is created by fear. There are endless possibilities that humanity is capable of receiving. The secret door to this power in the heart of the Akashic Records.

Here it is written, all the hidden doors of possibilities. The past, present and future are in one unified collective consciousness in the realm of the Akasha. These doors when asked to open can download us with informations about our intentions. Allowing and surrendering to the gifts of the Akashic fields will elevate your human consciousness into the divine. This is the higher consciousness or higher self. Tapping into the Akashic fields in the here and now will create our highest potential in this lifetime. As we travel with our multi dimensional selves, we will attain greater freedom in our physical reality. The attachment to this reality will dissipate because we know this is just one facet of our creation.

The lesson is not to attach ourselves to lower vibrations that will bring fruitlessness. Flow with the emotions and ask where is this coming from. Ask more questions. Let it soak in. Then, shift these emotions on transforming us to be  a better person. How to make this situation turn around and make us feel good. What is the lesson? What is the gift? What is the role? What is the purpose? Am I ready to let go of this control? Am I feeling better? These questions can help in transcending any situations that are not helping us in our ascension and manifestation. The lesson is to align us into our highest potential and to feel good and be a better person.

The here and now is the foundation of manifestation. By being present and truly listening to what is happening in our energetic fields. What are they communicating to you? Every moments of our lifetime is a gift of knowing and understanding ourselves. Don’t take for granted these gifts because they are here to awaken our humanity. To evolve into one unified consciousness where there is peace, love and joy. Everyone of us is connected to everything that is happening in our realities. Open your eyes and hearts, shift your consciousness into your highest potential. We are the one who is going to create a world that is evolve and enlighten. We are one and together we can be empower to manifest these wonderful miracles in the here and now. Believe in the power of love. Choose only love. We choose this path because we are light showers. We bring this blueprint into our reality in the here and now.

Blessings of love and light,


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