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Herkimer Diamond for Unified Consciousness


Herkimer Diamond is the hardest crystal on Earth. Because of this, it has the highest frequency of vibration that will help us accelerate in our ascension process. The sacred geometry found in this crystal is amazing. When one feels isolated and separated in this third-dimensional realm, Herkimer helps us to feel at home and belong to the human species spiritually.

It unifies our consciousness and memory to remember who we truly are. It helps us to know that we have this purpose of attuning with this incarnation. You feel the oneness of everything. The inner wisdom that we are all one. We are never alone. We walk this path with or guardians and spiritual guides. When you see or judge something about others, this is a sign that your consciousness is vibrating in separation mode. Ask yourself what is it in me that makes me feel judgemental about the other person? What is my lesson here? How can I integrate myself into being wholesome? What I see with the other person is me manifesting as the mirror for me to know myself.

The mystery of life is unique and we have the codes and keys to turn the way we think and how we feel about others. To live in a peaceful universe, first, we have to be at peace with ourselves.  Be unified within our consciousness and then we mirror these to others who then mirror this to us. We are one in unified field of consciousness. Beloved!


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