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Hidden Multi- dimensional Factors in Relationships


There are layers of multi-dimensional aspects in relationships. Why we get into relationships that is not our comfort zone? Why we attract certain patterns in our relationships? Why we are born in this type of dysfunctional family? There a lot of questions that we can explore regarding relationships because we are always in one, we are born to be around people and our society conditions us in a certain way how a relationship has to look like. But really these judgements that we put into ourselves and others doesn’t mean a thing into the bigger schemes of things when we take a deeper look and consideration that we are multi-dimensional beings of light. We are truly free to choose what kind of relationships we want to be involve in and what we attract because of different layers of dimensions that we have unconsciously tapped into our energetic fields. These attract others to be in our fields because we send these vibrations and others will find the same vibrations like us. We then become magnetized to each other and create some kind of bonding and relationships for our highest good and healing.

Our energetic fields, karmic bondage, sacred contracts and vows from the past, and other agreements take deeper roles in co-creating these bondage with another person or others. The souls that find themselves in a group definitely have some interconnection from their own past lives and karma. We are here to come into full circle with our lessons in life. Seeing the bigger picture of why we are together is the gift of wisdom that we need to understand in order to be fulfilled in this lifetime. The Archetypal templates of the sacred contracts come into play in relationships. When a person has a broken relationships with the parents, we are recreating this type of archetypal energies in our bonding. Healing the father or mother unresolved issues, we find that we are attracted to others who are more mature than us. We are unconsciously unaware that we are looking for love and validation from our parents as our inner child felt abandoned in the past. As we heal these contracts we become aware of our patterns and pain. We move on to a different direction and heal our past. The bonding needs light to help the person overcome his low self esteem and self acceptance. Light is the wisdom in realizing that relationships will give us glimpses of our shadows and it will illuminate to us what the lesson and gift of having this person into our lives.

We are always interacting consciously and unconsciously with each other in relationships. When someone is in your energy fields this person is resonating to your frequency and vibration. That is why they say birds of the same feather flocks together. We have others as mirrors to look at and turn it around to see deep within what the other person is mirroring to us. It is our own projection just like the movie projector we are creating this play of relationships right in our eyes. It is wise to know what is the lesson or gift that we are receiving from this person. If it’s negative we have the power to shift and learn the lesson to turn our selves around, we don’t need to get stuck and blame the other person. We are not functioning in the old paradigm of beliefs and templates. We have this amazing quantum shift in our hands right now. We can transform anything negative into positive by being aware of our vibrations and this awareness is the key to freedom. This will free us from our victim consciousness into becoming empower and to be free spirited beings of light and love.

Determining why you are in relationships will give you answers to bring you into the space of unconditional love. It takes opening of our hearts for us to truly feel this in our existence. We have created walls of separation to protect our hearts that are sensitive. But these walls also served as deterrent in totally loving others and allowing them to be intimate with us. Truly forgiving consciously and unconsciously others and ourselves serve as a portal of loving energy into our hearts and magnetic fields to attract others to be intimate with us. When we have this clear energy around our hearts we vibrate in higher frequencies, then we become love and light. We then attract others in the same frequencies and bands of light. We become one in all that is. Co- creating beautiful and loving intimate experiences with the other soul. We radiate this light that holds us together us one band of light and others can feel and see this through us. We find our twin flames and our hearts will be on fire as one with all creations.

It is important that we choose the intimate bonding that we create. We are bonding into their energetic fields as we do this. It is wise that we are clear energetically as well as the other person’s energy fields to create a clear bonding without attachments from the past, entities, negative energy and other unconscious negative beliefs. We have to be aware of each others vibration and help support the transition of any negative or lower frequency that the other person may carry unconsciously. The awakened relationships are here to be birthed into our dimensions to help assist humanity to let go of any judgements and burden regarding relationships. It is an energetically bonding of vibrational frequency disguise into many forms of any gender, color or age. It doesn’t matter what kind of form it takes others to bond. What is hidden in humanity’s eyes are the underlying layers of multi- dimensional fields of energy that is the predetermining factor in whichever or whatever form of relationships we create in this multi- dimensional state of living that is now happening in our cellular level of existence. This is the 6th dimensional living of our evolution towards our ascension. No more judgements, resistance and just be, allowing and going with the flow what the universe is giving to us. Unfolding the mystery into our relationships and how we have come together us universal conscious selves. We are the leaders in this enlightened relationships, let us hold this bright light and shine so others can see their own light into this enlightened path of consciousness. Be loved.

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