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Hidden Shadows in Our Collective Unconscious


We need to understand that our  hidden shadows are here right now to help us clear our Souls. They are energetic imprints from our Akashic Records. These are patterns, experiences from abuse as a child, behavior that had been passed on through ancestors, other people’s judgement on us, lower vibrations of our emotions and thoughts such as anger, abandonment, jealousy, envy, shame, guilt, lust, craving, desires, separation, fear, unable to receive love for oneself, not good enough, injustice, insecurity, worry, doubt, pain, scarcity, unable to trust, unable to love, and many more shadows that you can think of.

We are now blessed with the grace of the divine energy to wash away all these blockages from our energy system, holographic, crystalline, and bio-ethereal fields. Clearing and releasing these energies that are not serving our highest good. We have to the power to do so with the assistance of the Masters of Light. Archangel Michael and the blue Ray is a powerful resource to cut any cords of attachments from these toxins. St. Germain and the Violet Flame is our Ascended Master that transmute all energies that is not of light and we can ask the Archangels and angels to infused us with their love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness and joy.

When we are calling for help, we surrender our situations. We are co-creators of everything that is in our fields. Whatever is in our plate, we are responsible for them. With this reality, we can somehow gauge where we are and what we need to clear. When creating new templates, we have to recognized what blockages do we have? Ask questions in your Akashic Records to receive the messages from the gatekeeper. You will be guided by your spiritual guides.

Cultivate your relationships with your spiritual guides. Like friendship, we need to spend time, energy, and communication to develop a strong intimate relationship with the Masters. These Masters of Light are in the same way wants us to fully know them and how they can assist us in our daily lives. Listen to your intuition, when you feel that you are blocked in some areas ask for clarity. Align your mind and your heart. Balancing your feminine and masculine energies to fully receive and give love for yourself and others. Surround yourself with supportive and uplifting people. Let go of any expectations to the outcome. Be yourself at all times.

Know that these shadows are here to create a higher version of yourself. If you are triggered by others, forgive yourself and those people that had hurt you. The energetic cord is cut between you and others. Create a bubble of golden light around you at all times. To create a filter or boundary for protection. The entanglements that are created when you are around others can bring lower vibrations and make you feel sick when you are an “empath”.

Knowing your shadows will help you in your ascension process. For example you know that your triggers are judgement. When you were small, you received judgements from others that hurt you. You are still carrying these cords and hidden anger. You find yourself in a situation that you have judgemental eye, meaning it is easy for your to judge others without  knowing them. This is a red flag about your shadow effect, it is a sign to dig deeper. Where did you experience being judged in the past? It can also be a past life, see a healer for this type of situation. When you ask the Masters of Light to clear these judgement in your Soul, right after ask them to fill in the void with love and light and any other qualities that you want to have like compassion, kindness, and peace.

Sacred Prayer:

I ask my Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels, spiritual guides and teams, loved ones, my Higher Self, the gatekeeper and the Lords of the Akashic Records to clear, release all these energies and templates that has lower vibrations namely ______________________( name whatever it is that you want them to clear like: anger, judgement, abandonment, fear, scarcity) consciously and unconsciously in my Akashic Records in all timelines, dimensions, space and reality. I also ask to fill in the void with love, light, peace, joy, abundance, bliss, and miracles for my highest good and highest potential. May I serve my soul’s purpose with pure awareness, humility, compassion, and kindness to all sentient beings. May I be of service towards our ascension and become a channel of grace, love, and light for the highest good of all. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. And so it is.

*Remember to close your Akashic Records every time you open them. The Records are now closed, the Records are now closed, and the Records are now closed.

Blessings of miracles,




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