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Hidden walls around our hearts

When we are unconscious, we create entrapments for ourselves, as we build walls around our hearts. Are you aware of these walls? They are our resistance to flow with what is in front of us. We keep pushing away others unconsciously to build more walls around us. We feel safe in our comfort zone of not allowing others to be with us. We are afraid to show our vulnerability. As we do not want to go deeper with anyone, we create a mask that will hide how we truly feel. This is the soft spot and no one is allowed to see this part of our selves. We keep hiding beneath these walls that in the end will isolate us from experiencing the deep intimacy of unconditional love.

I have envisioned these walls around my heart as I experience the fear of intimacy. What is fear of intimacy? It is a deep emotional pain, unable to trust another person to feel and receive love. It is a feeling of not settling or fully committing to yourself or another person. I have seen these walls come up whenever I am getting closer to my lover. One of my patterns in life is abandonment. Growing up with a father who was an alcoholic, I felt I needed to gain validation and I did this through attention. I did not realize that I am more than enough. I was not able to allow others closer to my heart. This was my defense mechanism, because deep within I don’t want to get hurt.

During the isolation with Covid-19 pandemic it can trigger people with their own fear of not being loved. Isolation can magnify this fear. This is the perfect scenario, when you are alone and have the time to face your shadows. Take the time to ask and reflect on questions that will help you clear your inner demons. To finally see these walls around your heart and release them layer by layer to attain freedom. I have done a lot of work regarding opening my heart and here are some steps that will help you to flow with your heart’s desires. These steps can help you start where you are and find true happiness and intimacy with yourself and others.

Steps in releasing the walls around our hearts:

1.  Acknowledge your pain and fear of intimacy. Journal with your journey.

2.  Do not be hard on yourself, let go of shame and guilt.

3.  See your patterns of sabotaging your own relationships. Identify your Saboteur archetype.

4.  Consult your Akashic Records and clear these imprints from your patterns.

5.  Heal with the Ascended Masters and angels. Call on St Germain and the Violet Flame for transmutation of energy that is not of light. Archangel Michael and the Blue Ray for protection and cutting cords, hooks and drains from the past relationships.

6.  Learn your lessons and be open to possibilities.

7.  Forgive your catalyst and sacred contracts.

8.  Start a new life by loving yourself unconditionally and others.

9.  Meditate and create a sacred ritual for yourself daily.

10. Ground yourself in nature and nurture your soul.

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