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How Do We Keep Our Vision Clear?


When we are in the midst of chaos, we forget to stop and go in that gap or space to breathe. Chaos is happening because there is a change that is preparing us to shift. When we see things this way, we are able to release the pressure to be hard on ourselves and others. The key is to keep your cool, breathe and know that everything passes away. There is nothing permanent in this world, but change is a sign for us to move forward or release something that is not working for us anymore.

We are addicted to drama and create  more chaos than shifting our perception towards the change. When we look at other people’s mistakes we get distracted in our own thoughts and perceptions. We get entangled in the drama. We loose our focus on what we truly want to manifest. We get sucked in other people’s journey. It is always their choice to learn the consequences of their actions. It is not our lesson, our participation in this relationship is to be a witnessed and support them for their highest good. Let go of our expectations for their choices. When we totally surrender our control in this power struggle, we let go of the hooks and feel lighter. Our relationship vibrates in a higher level of freedom and forgiveness. We become one in spirit.

What are the signs that you are hook in other people’s problems?

  1. You find yourself blaming and judging the other person for their choices.
  2. You feel anxious and restless.
  3. You feel resentments and rejections from the other person.
  4. You are entangled in their actions and you react emotionally.
  5. You justify your judgements and you find yourself defending, the need to be right.
  6. You have no boundary.
  7. You feel disrespected and hurt.

These are some signs that you need to be aware of when you are going through some chaos and know that you can still help yourself out of this situation. First acknowledge that you are entangled. Create boundary for yourself and others. Filter your thoughts and calibrate your emotions. Be centered, focus on your positive visions. Do not let others situation s affect your inner peace. Let go of expectations, control and surrender to the things that you can not change. Be at peace.

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  1. Karin 2 years ago

    Yes, Teza. This soul has just taken hold of her power to release. However, it is an ongoing process, for sure. Thank you. A lot of chaos right now. But, also the power of interconnectedness is evolving rapidly, for myself. Quite exhilarating….Harry Potter episode, indeed!

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