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How to manage being an Empath?


An Empath is someone who is highly sensitive to her external forces, things, emotions of others, planetary movements, environments, chemicals, food, pain and sufferings of others. When I was growing up, I can remember feeling my family members pain and conflicts. I  will be affected by what is going on in their personal lives and I would try really hard to be the peacemaker of the family. As I found myself being a nurse in my 23 yrs of career experience, I realized I needed to know how I can function in this environment without losing it so to speak. To be centered and balanced and not be affected by my toxic environment.

When I studied the Akashic Records, my senses and gifts were heightened and I had to go through the initiation process of knowing and how to manage these gifts of being an Empath. without these tools I can’t be in a space of healing and helping others in their awakening process towards ascension. The boundaries that I needed or sacred space that I have to make in order to shield me from any energies that is not for my highest good. As an Empath we need to know our purpose and how we can filter ourselves from others to center ourselves and function in this environment.
We are light workers and because we are here to bring in light for others to see their light within, others who are searching and seeking this light will be attracted to us. The shadows that they are into is just that, fear not realizing that they are love. That is why when they encounter Empaths, they feel they can pour their heart out and trust that they can reveal whatever is bothering them. If we are not aware of who we are as Empaths, we will be carrying others pain and we will feel drained. We don’t know and understand that we can actually have tools that we can use in order for us to be empowered and be able to help others in their shifts. We can only help others when we master our own energies and vibrations. It is important to take care of ourselves first before attempting to help others in crises.
Steps in managing being an Empath:
1. Meditation and ask your Ascended Masters, angelic realms,  spiritual guides for protection before you leave the house. Send these Masters wherever you are going.
2. Be aware of your surroundings, scan your body, mind, heart, spirit, soul and other beings in the room.
3. Remember that you choose to vibrate in the high frequency of love and light. Stay focus and centered in your own sacred space.
4. Listen to others stories by being an observant and not taking their stories. Focus on your high vibes. Shift the conversation on how you can bring in light and not to put attention in the shadow side of the story. Ask your Higher Self to communicate with their Higher Self to give inner peace, light and love to whatever is not in alignment with the truth.
5. When you find yourself trapped in a toxic environment. See others beyond their fear or shadow for what it is. Their victim consciousness is what keeps them in this field of vibration. Listen, be an observant, detach from their stories and bring light and love. Ask the Ascended Masters to step in and do the healing and create a safe and sacred space between you and others.
6. Don’t take others stories personal, Toltec wisdom. When you find yourself in a confrontational situation, remember that they have their own dream, story or illusion and it is not about yours. Stop, reflect, listen and don’t take anything personal. They are expressing what they have inside their own story.
7. Always check in yourself, what it is within you that attracts this situation? Recognize that the energy that you are feeling is not even your own. Ask “where is this energy coming from?”
8. Limit your exposure to your “hot zones” things that trigger and drains you. Stay away from large crowds of people who are not peaceful.
9. Be surrounded by like minded people. Seek mentors and teachers who can give you support in what you are going through. Heal yourself and be empowered.
10. Being an Empath is a gift to help others in what they are going through. Your experiences are meant to be shared to transcend negative and lower vibrations. You are a messenger of love and light for others.
11. Use and focus on a “neutral symbol” that gives you peace when you find that you are with someone that has the vampire energy. ie. butterfly, dove, moonlight, ocean.
12. Be in nature, walk and breathe, grounding and recharging your energy.

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