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How to release the inner critic’s voice?


The inner critic is one of the loudest voice in our head. We have to be aware that this exists in our mental field in order to move forward. Part of our ego’s tactics is to keep us small and this is one of them. Be aware of what your inner critic tells you, it can be one of those “you are not good enough” self-degradation statement. It can keep you in your comfort zone and believe this in spite of your talents and gifts. Our ego stems from fear, mind, and negativity. Our true guide comes from spirit, heart, and love. That is the difference from each other. Believe and know that you are here to shine your light. Be light and share your love and gifts to those who are called to be in your presence.

Steps in releasing the inner critic:

  1. Create a sacred space. Light a candle. Meditate.
  2. Acknowledge the inner critic voice in our head. Awareness brings us wisdom.
  3. Say to the inner critic, ” I know you and you had served your purpose, you can go now and be free.”
  4. Go into your heart space and breathe.
  5. Invoke Archangel  Michael and the blue ray for protection.
  6. Call Archangel Chamuel to come and say this prayer,  “Archangel Chamuel please release these emotions that are heavy in my heart, I forgive myself for being judgemental of others and myself. Clear my energy fields of anything that is not of light. Any form of brokenness, guilt, pain, heartaches, I now release, let go and I ask for healing right here, right now. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. And so it is.
  7. Believe in the presence of the angels to assist and clear your path. Call them anytime you are in fear or negative situations. They are your powerful guides.


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