You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

I am nature and the Source of all that is



Spending time here in Tofino makes me connect to my true nature, grounded and happy. Just seeing the tumultous waves of the ocean makes me feel free and liberated from all emotional ups and downs that we humans go through. When there is nothing but listening to these huge waves connects me to the beauty of creation. This is life in its grandiose moments of truth and revelation of what is real and what is not. Life is great, free and simple. We are in nature and we are nature.

We are part of this beautiful creation and when we are attune to our own true nature we become align to what is. There is nothing blocking us to what we are but just truly enjoying what we are. It is even strange to put these into words on how I feel because there are no words that can describe these unfathomable feelings being in nature. It is phenomenal, amazing and wonderful to be one in nature with the Source of all creation. Iam the tree, the leaves that ruffle in the wind, the roots that hold tight for its security, the branches that hold the different parts and aspects of my personality. I am the tree that longs to hear the wind, feels the rain to quench my thirst and glow with the sunshine that enriches me. I  know that I am free in the midst of storm, I am standing like a bending arrow surrendering to the wind of Source.

The Source of all that is, is here allowing us to live in this magical moments of our lifetimes. When we are grounded, we become attune to the miracles of life. We are not inside our heads, we let go of our thoughts, allow them to pass by and surrender to what is. This is the gift of being mindful, we become free and liberated. Our emotional fields and mental fields become free of debris and just know that these too shall pass. We don’t identify with the ebb and flow of these emotions and mental thoughts. We are the sound of the waves, the trees waving and the dogs barking. We are one in all creatures.

Gratefulness for all these creations beyond my wildest dreams that I will be here, embarking the truth of nature and how it unfolds beyond my eyes the wonders of it all. There is nothing I would rather be right now but here, close to the heart of mother nature. I feel nurtured, my spirit exults in the sound of the waves of the ocean. I am one with all that is, so thank you Source of all that is.

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