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Illuminating the Akashic Records


Akashic Records are our sacred soul’s library. Here in the etheric fields of the Akasha where the primordial substance of all that is had been recorded. The universal energy in this realm manifest what’s in store in the blueprints of our souls. Everything that is seen and unseen lies in this vibratory fields of the Akasha. Our soul progresses into each timelines, dimensions and realities that we created and manifested. Leaving energetic substance or imprints in our soul’s consciousness.

Tapping into the Akashic records is the highest form of healing in mankind as we tap into the resource or informational data bank of the universal library of our collective consciousness. Every illness or disease has an energetic imprints in our soul’s data bank. Therefore we can create the shift in this field and have the soul’s perspective on why things are happening to us. We can understand and will be given clarity to how we can make the best alternative approach on our situations. What are the lessons of our souls? We can tap into our highest potential and create miracles along the way. When we are align to our blueprints we can realized the truth of our existence. What are the important things that we should put our attention to and live a peaceful and happy lives.

The vibrations of the Akashic Records purify like fire in our souls. Like diamonds we are being tested and purified to have that brilliance of our Light shine into the world. The Phoneix had come out fr the ashes to give rise to the freedom of our confinement which are the trappings of the ego. We can only recognized the attachments when we awaken and become free from all the illusions of the humanity’s collective consciousness. We have to undergo purification to fully embody the illuminating Light of the Source of everything.

Illusions are the shadows of our spirit. See them as the gateway or portals to open us into a new dimension of understanding how oneness can sustain in our existence. The shadows are part of this consciousness because we are here to integrate these shadows into our light. When fully integrated we become one with everything. There are no hindrance to whatever we can create and what manifest in our energy fields. We hold the keys to unlock the codes to our Akashic Records.

The clarity and purity will be given to us when we ask the Lords of the Akashic Records. They are the gatekeepers of these libraries of our souls. The book of life of each one of us incarnated here to experience what is being human in this timeline. As we traverse these lifetimes, our souls collected energetic imprints from all lifetimes that we had lived. All thoughts, words, emotions and actions are recorded in our book of life. These halls of Light hold the vibrational imprints of all that had been created, omnipresent and future lives of our collective consciousness.

We are tapping into the unconscious, sub conscious and super conscious, summation of our existence since we have separated from the Source of all that is. When we came here, our consciousness chose this timeline to recreate oneness. It is like returning to home, our home is our souls vibrational frequency. This time we are given our power to sojourn with our souls embodying our physical bodies. We attune to the universal and cosmic light that we are. Then, we become universal conscious self, meaning we know that our existence here is bigger than what we think we are.

We shift in our evolution of consciousness and become free spirit in our conscious choices. We become the observer of our lifetimes. We now have the power to see beyond the veil. In fact there is no more veil of separation for those who can see beyond this form of illusions. We become one in no space and time, we become omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient beings of light and love. We become pure in thoughts, words, emotions are resonating in higher frequency of love and light and our actions are consciously chosen to release harm to others. We become free of karma and abide by the laws of the universe. These are the fruits of tapping into the Akashic Records.

Life will be fruitful, happy and simple. We become clear conduits or channels of love and light messages. These are the evident results of being a master of your soul. Opening and consulting your Records gives you the soul’s perspective of this incarnation. It is a process to attain this mastery. When you know that you have no attachments to this world and travel lightly with joy, compassion, love and peace in your heart, you have attain freedom and liberation from this incarnation. You become a radiating light for others to see and remember their own luminosity. Let us consciously love others as ourselves. See others as our reflections in our complexities as human beings. Let us share compassion and kindness to all sentient beings. Let the Light shine upon our hearts and our souls magnify our existence in our daily moments. Be attune with our Akashic Records and receive the graces and blessings of these wondrous compendium vibrations of our souls.

Blessings of miracles,

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