You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Illusions of Being Unconscious



We live unconsciously when we are not aware that we are Souls experiencing being human. This body is an illusion of our true essence. We are loved, because we are Love not because we need to earn it or work hard for it, it is us!

As we awakened to our true state of nature, which is love, we start opening our hearts to others. Allowing our selves to receive love. This is a remarkable shift into our true nature that was hiding between this illusory world and small self which is the ego.

Self acceptance is about allowing to receive love for yourself and others who are willing to give to you. You deserve this, it is your birth right to be loved. Allow this openness of the heart to be present in your awareness. Being aware that you are love, that you do not have to work hard to prove it but that you exist because you are it!

Your mere presence is a miracle itself. This is love to be here and experience being human with all frailties, vulnerabilities and is the path of humanity. Suffering is a collective illusion. It will shift into awareness when our veils are lifted. We are the collective souls that chose to incarnate at this time of awakening.

This illusory world will bring in things that you are unconscious of and carrying in your fear based human DNA. It is now arising in your collective realities, the shadows are here to awaken our hearts to the new earth, paradigm of love.

It is your focus attention that will shift your realities. Be love, focus on Light, being an observer of these shadows and not allowing it to penetrate your consciousness. This awareness will bring you back to the truth, you are in the unified consciousness of humanity.

The frequency of your lower vibrations and emotions will direct you towards illumination. Follow your heart with Light encoded frequencies. This is being activated as our Masters of Light aligns us in our quantum state of existence. We are the master builders of this new reality. The unified consciousness is your true essence. The I becomes We, you are one of the stars in the conglomeration of the universes that are now shining into this universe.

This shift is accelerated as it was being forecast in eons of prophesies. There is no time and space in this continuum. We are the Ligth encoded frequencies, we anchor this bright Light within and externally we emit these frequencies when we are around other human beings. Others can detect your own signature, we are transmitting frequencies of Light eternally.

As we live in Light frequencies, it dissipates the shadows. Transmitting Light and love to all those that tapped into our presence. The judgements are in the past paradigm, we are one. Any judgements become void into the souls that are vibrating in high frequencies of love. This is our true essence, only allow to listen to the words that vibrate high. You have the power to claim this. When surrounded by judgements, let this pass through you. Do not allow this to harden your hearts. Claim the greatness of your Soul.

This is the rebirth of the new earth, the Souls are here to bring this electrical and magnetic energy. To remind us that we are collectively experiencing being human and that we are one. There is nothing that separates us from one another.

The greatest catalyst effect is the government that we choose. It is talking to us how our consciousness vibrates. Ask yourself, are you trying to control life? Do you manipulate people in thinking that you are bigger that who are? Does your egoic mind reign in your unfogiveness state of the heart? Do you love because you feel love or do you have attachments or illusions of what love should look like or feel like?

Our relationships to each other determine the culmination effect to our collective. Treating others with kindness, gentleness and compassion will shift our own realities. Giving from the heart and allowing to grow love in all ways without expectations to the outcome.

Claim this bright Light that you are, it is in knowing that you are that dissolves fear. There is no space for sufferings, there is no illusions. Our mind is illumined by this Light within, illumination is here. Awakened souls that we are, welcome and return to home. You are loved because you are Love.

Excerpt from the book Illusions are Distractions to Illumination

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