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I’m out of my Divine mind, where in the ego am I?  (17)

This message was given to me when I opened my business in October 2009. The case is about a mother who passed away at the age of 47 and never finished her book,  titled “I Am Out of  My Divine Mind, Where in the Ego Am I?”  it is a deep question and the way I see it interpreted in my deep recollections is that we are all out of our Divine mind when we are too busy thinking about what to do next on the list. As if our lives is but a collection of check marks of things to do and things to buy. Wow! how did we ever get to this minute  perception of what life should be. We become thinking and doing machines not realizing that we have these precious moments and doors of  opportunities to share the gifts we have as light beings of God. We are in denial of our own true light Divine existence. Why did we do this to our humanity’s integrity and respect for our selves and others? We become greedy of everything that we see, we want everything that is in  material form and in the world has for us.  We have forgotten that the special things are the things that we feel in our hearts not the things that are seen or for show off.

We have to wake up, with the way our economy, government functions and beliefs can influence our being, cyclical  natural events and catastrophes  of this lifetime are giving us signs for our evolution of consciousness. We need to know our souls perspective in order to function in our highest potential. We have to stay away from our thinking mind and recognized that the creative part of the brain will be the one who can give the right answer for your question. It is not easy to balance our right brain and left brain but the Pineal gland will integrate our electro magnetic fields to bring balance and anchor us to our existence. Just like the Earth have Shumann’s Resonance we as are human beings are the same organic being, we have this field of energy body in our system that should be more recognized in healing than healing only the physical symptoms of the diseases. We need to integrate our organic body with nature and stay away from all the toxicity that we develop and chemicals that we think will help in our healing. Healing first of all is beyond the body, it is the healing of the soul and our energy body that will make a big difference in our evolution of consciousness. But first we need to wake up from  all the destruction that we have created ourselves. It is time to turn the table around. We should look within our body and find that space of unconditional love for all sentient beings. Look within the soul and what feelings we have and totally connect to the stillness of the mind.

The ego is such a false voice in our being that we are so blind and deaf to what is the truth of our existence. We believe whatever we see and the unseen doesn’t make sense to us because we carry limited beliefs from our perception. We forgot to use and connect to our insights, gut feelings, instincts and energy body. We judge the book by its cover without reading the content and see for yourself. We are blind to our true self which is our spirit. When we start to wake up and smell the coffee we can accelerate our growth by this awareness. It will bring us freedom of spirit, liberation from all attachments and egoic concerns, fear, and other blockages that we human beings go through. The little things are more important than all these material things that we create and lose the essence of the heart of humanity.

The Divine mind is the Universal connection we have to each other, our human consciousness link to the eternal mind. Our ego is in our being to hold us grounded in this Earth, so we become balance in our spiritual walk of life. Our body, mind, heart and soul is all connected and these has to be align to the higher vibrations of our cellular consciousness to hold the vibrations of light and love. When we self recognized that we are beyond this physical body, we become aware and this is the first step of our enlightenment process. There are a lot of layers to peel off but the healing process can be a lot easier when there is surrendering of ones self to God or Higher Power because without this our existence becomes shallow to the surface and will just continue the Karmic cycle that we create in  our cellular DNA consciousness.

We are magnificent beings that truly resonate with God’s high vibratory frequency of light and love. The declaration to the Universe about our goddess qualities will enhance our existence and receive situations that will lead to that path of least resistance. I have created this declaration or intention with my son Theo and I’m sharing this to help others in their manifestation. “I declare to the Universe that I am empowered, successful in all aspects of life, manifesting abundance, true wealth, good health, happiness, unconditional love, inner peace, and expansion connecting to the force and power of the Universal energy flowing in my existence and being.” With this intention doesn’t mean that all good things will come to you sometimes things that happen will wake you up in your situations where there is light needed to help you transcend this lifetime. It is a blessing in disguise so to speak, but if you choose darkness then this Karma or action will just repeat itself and until you learn the lesson for your highest good and potential that this negative energy will dissipate.

We can not keep running away from our true calling and our heart’s desires they are the true compass in our existence. When we have accidents in life that wake us up to the core, we have to stop doing things that continually ruin our souls. We need inner reflections and truly listening to what the Universe is telling us. Our God or whoever or whatever God is for you will always be there to listen to our prayers or thoughts and intentions. We are all connected to this Divine matrix of energetic fields of light and love. There is no running away anymore, face your fear, accept your mistakes and be responsible for the consequences of your actions. The choice to have a better life is always at your hands. Enough pain and sufferings, be at peace with your own creations and self. Realizing this door of opportunity is here to give you another shot in life where there is love, there is no fear.

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