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Inner Peace


Inner peace is attained when one has stillness in the mind and happiness in the heart. The space that permeates all individual cells of existence and feel that they are one in the collective consciousness of humanity. There is only space of love and no fear or separation with others or other species. The essence of all that is. One can only attain inner peace when the individual recognizes the insanity or madness of the mind and becomes an observant of this incessant thoughts of the ego. The person watches the drama that one projects, when attached to the little self in the head that continually speaks to make its existence known because of fear of annihilation. The recognition of this illusion is the awakening that happens within ones own psyche and self realized that there is only this moment of now and aliveness within the body that is present right now. The thoughts that are in the past or future is not here and are part of the dysfunctions of the human conditioning and beliefs.

The searching or seeking of enlightenment comes into stillness and one knows that there is nothing to search anymore but to enjoy their lifetime and start being whoever and wherever they are. Life becomes more colorful and vibrant, alive in their relationships with others and one in nature. There is this field of unity or unified consciousness within itself and others. It sees beyond drama and form, beyond what life presents, takes challenges with flow of ease and grace. The flow of life becomes more fluid and light. The peace beyond the level of understanding, surpasses words, thoughts and become what is. The silence within and infinite immortality which is eternal presence of the spirit and soul. In attaining inner peace one becomes a rippling effect in the collective consciousness of humanity towards universal peace.

We are the fragmented part of the universal energetic hologram. Anything we put out in the universe is being received and echoed out to the universe, this is the law of karma. When one is aware of the causality of their behavior one becomes responsible for everything and thus create a synchronized events that will lead them to their inner knowing and self realization. Everything is a mirror of themselves, reflection of how we see ourselves and the inner landscapes of our garden. Weeding out our garden helps in our growth as conscious human being. When we treat others as ourselves, we become one with the creator and the creation become one with us.

This space that is still is the silence in our hearts and mind. When nothing is convey or nothing to search anymore. There is no seeking or searching but just is. The breath is the bridge to this space, when you put your attention to your breathe you allow your essence to bloom like a flower in your heart. The being becomes you and the doing part becomes null. Suddenly there is an alignment between your mind and heart. They become one in love and light, connecting to the vastness of the universe and cosmic energy. You become connected to all that is, align, awake and aware to what is happening in the universal fields.

When you are at peace with yourself, others become you and you see them with eyes of loving kindness. There is no separation between you and the rest of humanity. We are all one living organism, creating our multi dimensional selves tapping into the vast expansive limitless universe. When we see our existence as one unified field, we develop compassion and kindness in our hearts for others. This is the path of a true spiritual warrior. Where there is darkness, we bring light and it dissipates the darkness into the world. Helping others to transcend their souls journey with truth and light.

Our true soul’s purpose is to ascend in this lifetime, to be one with our Source or God whoever God is for you. This physical lifetime can shift when you choose to do so. It is a freewill to choose love rather than fear. This love will evolve to unconditional love when we become detach to all illusions in life. The veil will be lifted and wake us up into our truth, which is our spirit. There is no easy path, but to go through the purging and weeding out of these blockages that is hindering us to shine brightly. There is always light and our choice is to choose this path and calling of our souls.

The awakening that is happening with our collective consciousness is here to tell us what choices make sense and what will lead us to our happiness and inner peace. It is simple yet we complicate this when we live inside the box. Let us align our mind and hearts together to be in this space of inner peace and knowing. Let us come together as one conscious family, align, awake and aware of our intentions to bring peace into this word and be conscious of our responsibility to choose peace. This is the shift in our consciousness to be a conscious being bringing love and peace within and outside our energetic fields. Which will create a rippling effect to the vast and expansive universal fields. The enlightenment times are here let us celebrate this every moment of our lifetimes and together we can join in this universal conscious intentions to create a future of hope, love and light.


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