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Inner Strength Comes From Perseverance


We have big visions in our lifetime. When we dream big, we are given universal challenges to test us if we are truly ready to receive these visions. When we received challenges in our soul’s journeys, these are times that we are being called to persevere. Not too many of us likes this space because we want instant gratification. In our digital revolution, everything is instant. You ask a question, google it. This is how our egoic mind works, we think we can get everything we want in a split second.

Our visions are interlinked to our soul’s purpose. This is achieved through the test of the strength of our spirit. Our spirit can not lie, deep within us there is a space of knowing when we are not congruent with our truth. This is the voice of the spirit, that whispers in our ears “you can not hide.” This space of vulnerability that we do not want others to see because we are afraid to be judged. This is the core of humanity, we are in fear of what others think of us if our lives are not perfect in the eyes of the society. It can come in how much money we have in the bank? Do we have a big house? Am I pretty or good enough? These insecurities we put on ourselves, because of what our society had labeled as successful people. We want to belong to that elite group because our ego wants us to exist, to be known and this is what we call self-pride. We are all one in this universal mind, the way to detect if our ego is way out of hand is to reflect, journal, and meditate.

The link between our mind and heart has to align and be congruent to our spirit. When we are not aligned with our vision, we get lost in the mundane things. When things get rough, we have to stay balanced and centered. There are universal challenges that we are going to encounter because we are being tested on how strong we can handle these things. When we ask we will receive, but we need to be ready and know that there will be challenges. We live and are governed by the universal laws. Like metal, it has to go through fire to create steel. We are being put to test to know that we are ready.

Put your focus on your vision and intention. This is your blueprint for your manifestation. The first steps are to know our intention and our vision for our dreams. In order to have the laser focus of our destiny, we have to anchor our vision or we can get lost in the strong stormy weather of our lives. Whatever kind of chaos or disturbances that come know that these too shall pass.We need to be in silence to listen to our spirit. The spirit’s voice does not exist in the noise of our head but deep within our heart and soul. Inner strength comes from the perseverance of our spirit. We are given the fruits of our labor when we are patient and persevere. Perseverance is one ingredient of a true spiritual warrior!

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