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Judgements and Forgiveness

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What are judgements? Thoughts that we give to others because there is a part of us that is not in alignment to our truth. A process of separation, we judge and become separated. It creates a gap between us human beings. If you add the word just like me at the end of your judgements, it becomes you. You become aware of the vibrations of your own inner critic. Our inner critic is busy creating separation, “we are all one” is a wisdom beyond this dimension. When there is a resistance, stop and reflect. There is an attachment to the story and outcome. If we do not have expectations from the other person, we become still.

See what is the lesson, why did you judge? Does  is it take you deeper to your own self? When we judge, blame others for our own emotions, we become powerless. Our emotions are our guide to see deeper than what we think. Why do we hold the hurt and feelings that does not feel good? We like to shut down and closed our hearts. We are separated, when it is easier to express our own true feelings and let go. We can speak from the heart and truly say what is important to us. We let go of judgements by truly communicating from an intention that we can understand one another. Do not assume that the other person knows your feelings. Be free of this heaviness and allow the path of openness be in your heart space.

Where there is resistance, you are not in touch with your core values. Know what makes you feel good and what does not align with you. Name it and feel it. Then, you can speak from your heart. This is a tool to let go of judgements about the other person but owning your own emotions. For example, you did not feel supported. You can judge and it does not lead this to any growth but you can admit to your own self, that support is one of your core values. When you self-realized that this is the root of your feelings then you can claim that core value and say to the other person. “In relationships I found out that support is important for me.” Without blaming the other person but coming from an open heart. It is this communication that leads each other to true freedom. We can free ourselves of judgements of others behaviour but truly open our hearts to feel, express and share from the heart.

Forgiveness will allow you to create a space of understanding and freedom. Freedom from pain and judgements. We become one with the other person’s spirit without hurting each other. Let us forgive and let go. We are lighter when we do this act of kindness. We clear our energy systems of entanglements. We are light and love! Free yourself and be forgiving. Let go of ego, feel and open your heart to forgiveness.

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