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Karma Clearing


Our cyclical events and patterns in our Akashic Records keep repeating the same blockages if we are not aware and conscious. Being an observer and witness what transforms in our current realities is important in clearing karma. What is Karma? They are causes and effects that we perform in our daily lives that gets us stuck. We receive lessons in our pain and we find unfinished business with this karmic bondages with others. They are imprints in our bloodline, we carry this in our generations to come. Karma generates more pain if not consulted and rewired the way we operate. They are dysfunctions and drains within our system. We need to be vigilant in knowing our family bondages, clearing with the Masters of Light, rewiring our neuro pathways and consistently opening our hearts to receiving healing, love and Light.

Pain is your direct guidance towards power. When we are in pain, we are draining our energy systems because we have given our power away. Claim your divine birth right. When you are empowered, you become an observer in any challenges that you receive. You don’t take things personal but tap into the highest good of all. Collectively you are participating in the bigger picture of our Akashic Records. How can I shed Light to this situation? Imprints are being cleared and release in your old records. I now declare to the records. “I am empowered. I am wholesome. I am divinely guided in all actions that I take. I forgive all sentient beings that had hurt me consciously and unconsciously. I forgive myself. I receive graces and blessings in all ways. I now declare to the universe my new co-creations of an empowered life with the Source of all that is, and so it is.”

Steps in releasing Karma:

  1. Know your patterns, conditions that you keep repeating in your life. They are toxicity in your relationships, drains in your energy systems, addictions, attachments, dramas, conflicts, victim consciousness, sexual abuse, rescuing people, unable to say no, disempowering behavior, shadows, unresolved conflicts with others, sufferings, unable to receive abundance and many other conditions that are not in alignment to your Higher Self.
  2. Once revealed what are your karmic patterns, create a safe and sacred space for healing. Light a candle, smudge yourself and environment. Meditate. Open your Akashic Records with the Masters of Light and spiritual guides. Set the intention for healing and clearing your Karmic bondages.
  3. Envision the people’s faces that you have bondage with, call their Higher Selves in the ether with your Higher Self facing them and asking the Archangels to surround you with their healing Light. Ask Archangel Michael and the Blue ray to clear, release and cut any cords, hooks, drains, entities, souls, bondage, conditions, patterns, agreements, programming, soul records, restrictions, judgements, traumas, injuries, memories, conscious and unconscious contracts, karma, lower frequency energies,  that are attached to your energy systems in all timelines, dimensions and parallel universes. Send forgiveness, compassion, kindness and healing to their souls and yours. And say this prayer, ” I forgive consciously and unconsciously your soul for hurting me. I forgive myself for hurting you in all timelines, dimensions, space and realities.” Anchor this energy into our hearts and allow to receive the healing Light from the Masters.
  4. Journal with your Akashic Records, write down what visions you have received, messages, insights and awareness that came to you while meditating. This will help you see clearly and beyond the form. You have come here to resolve this mis-aligned energies and frequencies from your soul.
  5. Create new templates with new agreements. Rewriting your soul’s records. What are the gifts that you want to receive? Truth, liberation, freedom, abundance, peace, joy, love, bliss, empowerment ask the angels, spiritual guides, Ascended masters to infused you with these gifts and blessings.
  6. Seal your energy fields, with sacred geometrical patterns and Merkabah. Ask your I am presence to be align and anchor your divine Light into your body deva spirit and vessel.
  7. Thank the Masters of Light that had worked with you. Close your Akashic Records. Ground yourself after the healing by walking, smudging, having salt bath or eating healthy food.

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