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Kyanite for Alignment


This crystal is powerful in aligning our Throat Chakra Energy Centers. We can envision this crystalline fields around us and feel the warmth of this blue colour. It connects us to our mission and purpose in life. When our mind and heart is aligned, we are able to speak from the heart and voice of our own true feelings. Most of us are stuck in the throat Chakra that holds our voice.

When we are stuck, we hide beneath our true essence. We mask our truth with lies and denial. We like to think that we can get away from the things that we create. But the truth will set us free. Begin with one step at a time. Do not be hard on yourself. Be kind and compassionate about your mistakes. Let it go and know that you can always start a new life. When we recognised that we are hiding our truth, we realised that we are coming from fear. That step will help us transform from fear to love. Being in denial will only prolong the misery. Acknowledge, then shift from being harsh on yourself to being gentle. This is the beginning of becoming true to yourself.

Knowing that we can not control what comes to us but we can flow with what is in front of us. This is the total surrender to what is. Ask yourself “am I align to my true essence? Am I happy? Am I for real?” These questions will direct you to heart’s essence and you will feel soft, gentle and free from fear. Freedom from being your false self. You are in alignment with your true Self. Beloved!

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