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Letting go of the victim story

People have been holding on to their old victim stories as a comfort zone. We are unable to discern, that we have been running from the old program of victimhood. We cannot get out of our own rut as the voice in our head tells us that we are not enough. There are a lot of excuses and denials that we create with others. We bind ourselves to things that do not make us happy and complete. Because it is easy and familiar we are afraid to move on with our lives. Our choices are not in alignment with our truth. Blaming others for the state we are in is an easy excuse. We do not let go of the toxic story. We like holding onto the victim story like our comfort blanket.

When are we going to be responsible for our own new way of thinking?  How do you become aware of the old paradigm? What are the signs that you are still holding on to this victim story? Are you blaming others for your condition? What are the steps that you have to take to create change? How can someone shift their perception? These are questions that you can reflect on to become a new person.

Forgiveness is a portal that will create a new you. It is the path of letting go. We do not realize that we are holding on to this energy of resistance until we let go of the old story. When we forgive someone and ourselves consciously, we are able to move on. Be free of this toxic energy that is holding us back. We are stuck in the past because of this entanglement and binding. Seeing the bigger picture, why the other person is in your life can give you a different perspective. Clarity comes with new ways of thinking.

We cannot move on if we keep resisting and not seeing the situation with a different lens. To get to this space of freedom, we have to free ourselves from being sorry for the other person. We need to prioritize ourselves. Focus within and face what you are resisting. Loving yourself unconditionally and taking responsibility for what you are ready to let go. This is your life and no one should be renting in your head space when it is toxic for you. Allowing only good things. Life is too precious to allow this in your energy fields.

When human beings are suffering, they get lost in the emotional roller coaster of life. We allow others to help us go through our painful path without discernment. Because of our emotional pain body, we attract someone who is in pain as well. It resonates with our frequency and what is happening to us. But after a while we heal our emotional body, and we realize that we are not our emotions. We are conscious sentient beings that can overcome what is given to us.

We want to move forward and have the courage to let go of the old ways. Our truth speaks loudly. Divine timing is when you are aligned, strong and open to let go. It comes with grace of effortlessly releasing others who are not resonating with our truth. Everything is vibration, energy and consciousness. When we are able to distinguish our truth, the old story does not serve us anymore. We accelerate our growth, through becoming conscious of our own choices. We are stronger to release without feeling bad about the situation. We are clear, direct and focused and we become empowered. We do not have the energy to allow any victimhood in our story. We become our own true hero.

We are powerful beyond the victim stories of our lives, we just got lost in its characters. Those who played a role are our sacred contracts. They came into our lives to help us reach a state of elevated and higher consciousness. We can be grateful for their existence in our lives as we let go. It is through them that we find our true voice and authentic selves. We are all one. It is in the dance of finding your true colors that makes us all unique.

We become grateful for these sentient beings that have been a part of our lives. With them we found our strength, courage, value, worth and self-love. These are virtues that are important to us. As we move forward, we are enlightened and wiser. Ready to truly love our selves without compromising. We deserve this love. “May we let go of our old stories and live a victorious life, filled with love, joy and peace. May we deeply acknowledge our greatness in power and force of the universe. May we feel the love that we deserve in each of our waking moments. May we be blessed with divine grace and knowing that we are the bright stars that shines light in the darkness.”

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