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Listening and Opening Your Heart to What is


Life is too busy with mundane things and we forget to be still and ask, “what is important to me right now?” When we ask this question, we open our hearts to what is in the present. Watching a patient dying today, beside her lying in bed was her son, who lovingly kissed her to her last breath. This takes me away and brings me to the most vulnerable part of my existence. I called my sons and asked to have dinner with them, just because I miss them. I shared to them the story of my patient and my son talked about his own experience. He opened up to me that he had been meditating and in his meditation he was picturing me and he was inhaling the painful experiences that I had. He felt pained and heavy, how hard my life had been. He exhaled and send love and empathy towards me in the spirit. When he shared this to me, I felt my tears running down my cheeks. I felt loved.

These are the special times that we need to build more as we go through our lifetimes. This open our hearts and allow more love and light to fill our emptiness. We can do this, reach out to your loved ones and be vulnerable. Do not hold back, let go of resentments and procrastination. The time is here, call them and express how you feel and listen to their voices. We are transient beings, the moments that we are thinking of achieving is not here, they are fleeting thoughts of future. But where is the future, it lies in the present moment. The actions that we do now, predicts our outcome. When we open our hearts and reach out to others, we build this bridge for a great relationship. We burnt the old stuff that we do not need anymore. This is the time to wake up. Let us untie all these knots that we created along the way. Let us see beyond the pain and conflict. Strengthen our will power to reach out and open our hearts to accept others with unconditional love. Listen and open your heart to what is.

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