You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.


Living libraries of life are the knowledge and information of consciousness that had been living and present in this field of energy and light in your domain and multidimensions that you tap into. In a sense we are all connected to these libraries of life when we are open to this new energy that this earth had been going through. All the informations that are given to humanity is for the clearance and purification of the old paradigm, the gridlocks that bond the matrices of the energetic field of our planet Earth.

We are now living in accelerated time and space, we can not keep up with the turmoils, disasters that are causing sufferings to humanity and your collective consciousness is wide open to now called COMPASSIONATE WISDOM. We are the collective consciousness of the new energy that is here and will be here with the transformation and changes that are taking place in this time of multidimensional living.

It’s not easy to comprehend all these informations and intelligence that you are acquiring but it will help to open your mind if you are grounding yourself to the Mother Earth’s energy by simply staying close to her creations, nature, animals, plants and living beings that are co-habitating in your space. You will know that as you increase your knowledge you are given more responsibilties in your daily undertakings but rest assure this will be guided and will be brought in an effortless motion and flow of events.

There are list of things that are needed to take place for this new energy to flourish in your life. You have open a portal of light and higher vibration in your emotional intelligence that will be taken care of when you are ready to surrender to your new acquired information. They are given to be treasured and that you are a gift to these channels of love and light. We are not here to bring fear but to help others in their own path of enhancement in their journeys towards light.

We are going to communicate to you in your reflections, silence, meditation when your mind is completely shut off to the world and illusions of this ego. Your ego becomes the hindrance in your enlightenment. Open your heart, mind and body to these vortexes of energy that are welcoming you to be a participant in the elevation and evolution of human consciousness. We chose you to be a channel of love and light, you are a bearer of this information and knowledge that wish to convey to others within their field of bodies that are open to the majestic and magnificent roles of their existence.

Open your eyes to the unseen and it will speak to you in your dreams and the other realities will come forth with their communications and informations ready to be revealed in this time and space. We are here and always open to you, when you call and ask. Be aware that you are surrounded by many vibrations and protect your self energetically to other energies that wants to steal what you embody. The embodiment of this sacred teachings is flowing like a river and you will come in contact to these sages, avatars, mystics who continually guards, guides and teaches in your evolution of consciousness.

The Living libraries are open and accessible to those who are called, there will be numbers of human beings that are gifted with this because they heed and play their roles in their existence. They have come to be ambassadors of light, bringing information to elevate human consciousness. We are accessible through your journeys wherever you are and whenever you allow this in your mind, body, heart and spirit. We are one in this unified light of space and Universal bodies. The body that you are occupying is sacred and be in tune with what is needs. Speak to your body and it will tell you where you are misaligned and balance is needed to function and serve in this light body. Don’t discount what it manifest, if there is pain, it is talking to you to listen and honor the pain where it is coming from. Support your body in the changes that are taking place to hold this light in penetrating your cellular memory to heal and be wholesome in the transformation that you are partaking.

You are only given what you can take and let go of things that are not needed or important. What’s important is that you are balance, in tune and happy. The joy that you are, carries this vibration that will help others in their path of self realization that the answers are simple to this ascension. Be still and love your body, self and the living beings that surround you. This will make the transition more fun and joy. Laugh more and share your new found self in light of this new world.


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