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Living multidimensionally


Living multi dimensionally is when you are align to the energy fields that is within and outside of your crystalline structures. We are energetic beings surrounded by all of these accelerated frequencies of electromagnetic fields that we have. The challenge in this present moment is to balance and clear all that is within your fields. When you are aware and attune to what is happening in the field, you feel your senses heightened and well informed of what is happening. There is no need to be anxious about but to go with the flow of the motion. When you resist what is given, you find that your inner self is stuck and does not grow within the parameters of the energetic field. We are all energetic beings, when we know deep within that we are all comprised of these energetic crystalline forms in our cellular and molecular level, we know that our existence comes from this morphic fields. We are channels of wisdom and the only way to serve our soul purpose is to be aware and awake at these enlighten times. Anything that does not vibrate in a higher frequency needs some light to uphold the truth. We are living in this era of light and energy, we need to know that we have to let go of all the old mind conditioning that have been encoded in the past. The only moment we have is here and now, any old past patterns of drama be release and live in the bliss of love and peace. When your inner world is full of fear and lower negative vibrations, they will soon dissipate and release for this will not synchronize in the acceleration of our vibratory frequency of the earth’s magnetic fields. Everything that we see is a mirror, we clear our inner eyes of perception to see clearly what is in front of us is our own inner selves, we are one holographic matrices. When our eyes becomes clear of any negative charges, we become positive in our perception of others because we become oneness. We realize that we are part of all that is. The negativity becomes a subsequent part of duality and soon recognized as a melting configuration of what is present in our energetic field.

Everything in its physical form was a created thought energetic imprints in the ether before it is manifested in the form. The higher accelerating vibration of your energetic field will enhance all knowledge of forms and science of what is and there will be no separation between the two worlds of what is behind the veil as you become integrated in your morphic field of existence. Everything that is here is but a form of focused thought or intention realized to come forth in its perception of self. Somehow the mind tricks itself of its own creation to attach oneself to the form of external reality. What is real is but a perception away? To the unified consciousness of oneself, one has to relinquish the ego. Energy is everything and can only be experience  when one chooses to focus his intention to bridge what is here and now to the unseen field of our energetic composition of all that is.

When one follows the intention of the heart, one creates space for creation and manifestation in the physical form. The passion and fire ignites this and access this void into reality that is known to us and our perceptions. Knowing this, one has the power to produce from the unseen connecting to the force of the vast expansive energetic multi dimensions that we tap into. Here we are in the universal cosmic energetic field of God’s divine mind, co creating our lives where there is no limit and boundaries to what we can create. Limitless possibilities to our highest potentials when this quantum leap of faith, truth and healing bring us to all that is. As this process of purification is transpiring within the conscious content of the mind consciousness, we are living in the parallel universe of the Divine’s mind. The integration of the human consciousness to the divine link is the shift of transformation and beginning of the ascension process.

The beauty of it all is that one journeys within the soul’s recognition of life itself is a gift. This human life recognition as a synergy of energy integrating into the manifested world of human experiences. We are souls looking and feeling our human form and manifestations. Within us is a triumphant joy and beautiful love that lingers, when we align to the source of it all. The journey of ones soul is the sum of all the limitless possibilities that this universe has enfolded to us. The mastery lies not in the egoic illusions of humanity but in the knowing of its source and unified consciousness of all the collective mind, that we are in the source of what we have in our manifested world. When we become aware and awake to our expansive selves, that lies within us  is the source and divinity of all. We contribute to the rippling effect in the collective consciousness that we are in, to transform and transmute what this karmic bond brought us here. We release the energetic imprints and charges of what these lower vibrations and densities have in us when we are asleep to the truth of what is. We accelerate these higher octaves of soul songs to the Divine songs of God. The conscious convergence of these shifts of vibratory frequencies into our energetic fields bring us into the accelerated frequency of the divine resonance of God’s love and light.

Everything is energy, connect to the unseen by simply identifying what is behind the result or action of the form. The drama or recurrent theme signifies to us what needs to shift in the energetic world. Living this human experiences we connect to what our ancestors had in the past through passed on generations and their legacy of lifetimes. Our DNA is our link to what our heritage is and bringing this into the present moment we create the transition of this human evolution of consciousness reconnecting ourselves to the divinity and integrating our energetic fields to all that is and aligning every space to anchor this into our mother earth Gaia. The interdimensional communication and intelligence of this vast universe that we connect every time we are aware and awake to our source. Our expressive souls long to connect to our world within and become conscious soul with focused intention of peace and love.

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