You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Master Builders of our Consciousness


Multidimensional summit of light beings are living within us. They had chosen mother earth as a portal for master builders to summon to create their experiments. As these light masters were gathered, they have imprinted our DNA with their genetics. This genome experiment was galactic, Benevolent and malevolent beings were both inhibiting the earth portal of creation. Like humans there are different types of intentions from these beings. We all inherit these genes and now are being activated within our cellular level of existence, memories and consciousness.

The planetary solar system that we consciously understand were created from the various templates of archetypal energies that these beings expresses. They hold the vibrations of how our human psyche operates and blueprints of our DNA. The higher consciousness of our astronomers and astrologist were imprinted with this knowing. They are the messengers of the collective unconscious, conscious, sub-conscious and super conscious mind.  They are here to forecast to us the messages of the stars. They are communicating to us through the universal energy.

Our Light body is being activated to its fullest potential. We are remembering the Light codes of our existence in higher consciousness. Energetically we are tapping into these multidimensional state of our being. In this one zero point field there is no separation. People that were assigned for you to meet is your mirror, magnet and consciousness. In order to dissipate separation first, you have to embody these codes of non-linear, no judgement and no lower vibratory frequency which can be a challenge to most of our species.

We are assisting in the transition of our planetary shift, as this planet wobbles around the sun, mother earth finds its space and freedom to let go of this lower frequency. Our human body is directly link to our planetary body. Chemically illustrated in our minerals content and sub-atomic particles, we are one with earth.

As we evolve within, awakened our Light body we will begin to recognize how deep we had gone through this rabbit hole. We will awaken from our separation, start to merge and accept what is given. The pain and fear imprints that holds the lower vibrations of humanity will find the polar opposite of the equation which is Light and love. The new ascension template vibrates and activates the higher consciousness. Low becomes high, dark becomes Light. This is the new earth vibrating higher with the Schumann resonance of earth’s highest vibrations.

This higher consciousness intentional field is where you want to create in order for things to exist for the good of all sentient beings. Visions are given in order for you to manifest them in the physical dimension. Everything is here, you become a conscious observer or witness of your creation. You will magnetized people that holds the same codes. Become conscious and aware who are these souls around you. What are you creating? Are your creations for the highest good of all beings? To collectively create portals of light that will activate and create rippling effects of what you have brought in the collective.

The labyrinths are encoded with ancient wisdom, eons of lifetimes this sacred geometry activated the unknown soul’s path. Crystals that are naturally vibrating in higher resonance when placed in the labyrinth brings activations and broadcast into the universe these light codes. Light beings comes to assist in raising our consciousness and merged with our DNA. They activate the dormant junk DNA, hyper-communication, in the form of remote sensing, remote healing and telepathy, is definitely a part of the human protocol.

Human beings had been disconnected from higher dimensional frequencies. Our DNA is finally breaking free from old patterns which have been stuck in a universal time matrix. We will soon shift this to our higher purpose. The activation of our DNA will create a huge shift within us and our perceptions about life. We will remember our truth, freedom from the manipulation of others and shine our true essence.

A whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words, sound frequencies, vibrations, colors and light therapy.  Energy medicine is on the rise, and creating a massive acceptance of this spiritual tool to help others. DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and in communication. This explains why affirmations, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. The human gene is part of larger holograms (multiverse) of wave information reality.

We are remembering our true essence, letting go of old patterns and conditioning. Being and not doing, truly remarkable shifts in this massive awakening of our human evolution. We are here to support our community to thrive and realized that with each other we can co- create a universe that flows with compassionate wisdom. We are the master builders of our own evolution, let us take this quantum leap into our most amazing spiritual journeys. Be free of attachments and focus on your soul’s purpose.

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