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Mastery of Your Soul’s Destiny


What is your soul’s destiny? This is a profound question because we are multi-dimensional beings of Light. There are limitless and boundless ways that we can choose which path to take, but the blueprints of our souls the Akashic Records are our guidepost to our destination. It gives us clarity to what we need to focus on and what to let go. When we follow our chosen path, we fly with the wings of the wind. It takes us to the pinnacle of the mountain top over looking the majestic view of our creations. Encompassing all sentient beings that are part of our Akashic contracts and manifesting all creations with the Source of all that is. We are born with gifts and these are the blessings that we receive from our Creator or Source, we can call God or any kind of higher power that stands for you. In our journeys, we can get lost because of our ego and fear. We are in the collective consciousness of humanity that includes shadows and light perspectives of our existence. We forget how to navigate and activate our souls to live this lifetime in a much harmonious and synchronized movements with the universe.

We are a part of the grand design of the Creator. Our souls journeys are patterns and designs that are interweaving with each other to be able to see the bigger picture of our existence. Our goal is to put our patterns together these intricate layers and complicated details of our multi-dimensional state of being. To make it simple, understood and be one with the Source of all creations. Our mastery lies in understanding the entanglements and patterns that we keep repeating so we can flow with the Universal energy. Masters are mystical investigators, deeply delving into the mystical laws of the Universal and Cosmic energy. We are here to experience all the creations that we had tapped into from all timelines, dimensions and realities. To create a better understanding of why we are here. To share to others this illuminating Light from the Source. We have to understand our soul’s journey from nothingness to physical reality and back around we go to nothingness when we passed on from this dimension. Our soul’s eternal state is a full completion of the circle of life with the Source of all creations. Our souls are eternally present in the past and future lives. We are in this quantum soup of our collective consciousness. We can change the past, travel in the future endless probabilities but the present choices will master our soul’s destiny. Our Akashic Records hold the soul’s vibration of our infinite and timeless existence, we can open, download informations, unblock blockages and heal, release unnecessary clutter and shadows of the souls. We bring pure awareness of our existence and soul’s crystal clear perspective of our destiny.


The Ego’s Identity

When we are born, we create the ego to grasp this physical dimension because we came from multi-dimensional space and consciousness. We open our eyes as newly born babies and see this physical reality that we are not aware of. Feeling like an alien, everything is foreign and it puts us in a state of uncertainty. The darkness and gestational stage in our mother’s womb is our comfort zone, suddenly we see the light and physical form. Can you imagine yourself being lost in this physical reality for the first time your eyes open? What do you see? This experience opens the inner eye of the infant and develops emotions and mental thoughts that are attached to the caregivers.  As one gathers informations we develop false identification from each others feedback. It molds our core beliefs, conditioning and patterns that becomes our foundation for survival mode of existence which is the ego’s identity. We are not only dealing with this reality but also having to experience our past lives, present and future realities simultaneously in all parallel universes. Our ego has to grasp and attach in order to survive. We are operating from fear when we are in the ego.. We forget that we are powerful beings of Light. We get lost in the material world believing this is the only reality that we have. We develop Science to prove that creations and God can be investigated and formulated using our methodical mind to prove our thesis. It is quite exhausting because we keep coming back to our ego. The Ego is never satisfied, insecure, fearful, grabs and attach to what is seen. Until we reached the endless search for knowledge and be in our hearts space we will not find inner peace. To fully see that our existence is beyond our ego’s point of view. We have to learn to embrace our ego and align our open hearts space.We will be able to integrate our multi-dimensional aspects of being and our ego will find inner peace.


The Seekers Path

In our souls journeys we find unanswered questions during our victim consciousness stage. When bad things happened to us, we ask “why me? What is the meaning of life? Who am I? What is my soul’s purpose?” Unending questions that our souls thirst for, we are looking for truth beyond what we are feeling and seeing. Our experiences becomes more complicated, we become densed, closed  hearts and busy mind with thousands of negative thoughts about ourselves and others. We are lost in the dark.

The shadows are the catalysts to open the doors for the Light to come in. Embrace this shadow whatever form it presents itself, totally surrendering to it. Feel and open the doors of your heart to allow this illuminating Light to penetrate your cellular level of memories and consciousness. Ask the Masters of Light to  activate your Soul’s wisdom that lies dormant inside  your heart’s space. Openly receive the gifts of activations and attunements from the Masters of Light.We are Light Masters, we co create from this Sacred space of Divine love. Our true essence is a spark of Divine’s creations in the universe. We are the universe, our Soul’s destiny is huge, portal of Light emanating omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent Light and Grace from the Source of all creations. It is your passion, the fire that ignites your heart, makes you leap for joy and feeling of oneness; these are your guidepost to what is your heart’s desires made of.

Find time in stillness, to fully open your heart and mind to God. Listen to the voices in your heart. Allow your emotions to open the floodgates of your heart. Be in awe of your gifts. Being grateful for all your blessings. This is the Sacred time and space for your revelation. We can co-create our Soul’s destinies with the amazing force and power of God. Live our highest good, potential and possibilities with gratitude to the Grace of Divine Light. May you find the Light in your search for truth. May God’s Divine wisdom be your guide in your Soul’s journeys. May you shine your bright Light to the Universe!


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