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Moonstone for your Emotional Body


Moonstone is a beautiful nurturing and nourishing crystal of the goddess mother archetype. As I tune into this soft gentle glowing crystal I feel the energy of the feminine divine energy flowing into my energy fields. This reminds us that we are here to receive, flow, and allow to open our hearts to receive the gifts of deserving. We deserve to be loved unconditionally by others. We forget to remember that we deserve this happiness and love. We get distracted by busyness and doing. We are being called to remember who we truly are, star beings of light that have the codes to know that we are powerful, beautiful, and masters of our soul’s path.

It reminds us of our time here on earth is precious, that we have to take time to self-love and nurture our emotional body. This is the gateway to our happiness. To go within, perceive new directions of living and being. Soak in all these guidance that we receive from our higher power and higher self. Listen and perceive these messages. We are being attuned to the soft energy of gentleness and kindness to ourselves and others. This new beginning of our transformation and relationship with ourselves and others.

Our emotional body is a portal to go deep within and know that we are always loved no matter what. By knowing this, we are encoded by this wisdom. We are always more than enough. We are perfect the way we are. Experience gentleness and kindness towards ourselves and others. Bring in this soft gentle comfort that comes from the Moonstone energy. Activating and attuning us with the crystal deva spirit, to accelerate our ascension and oneness with the divine within and with the higher power. We are beyond this dimension, tune into this energy to receive new patterns and conditions of our new selves!

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