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My personal crystal’s journey

I have been a crystal fan all along since I was a child. I remembered borrowing my mother’s earrings of Onyx and was fascinated about their looks. I will wear them and enjoyed them tremendously. The Onyx signified to me a sense of protection, stability and grounding. The energy in the Philippines was too dense for me. I realized that my most karmic patterns started from Philippines, my sexual abuse were rooted there. The healing of my roots chakra and Onyx brought me comfort in the midst of this abuse. I was attracted, not knowing the science about it and how it affected my energy fields. When I was 17 yr old I migrated to LA with my parents. Then moved and got married, here in Canada I remembered buying tumbled crystals for my children, when we went to Science field trips. It was lots of fun. I grew my attraction to these gems.

I studied the Akashic Records in June 2008 and during that time, I was introduced to Labradorite. I would wear it as a pendant every time I write and opened the Records. Labradorite helped in my transition, it gave me an insight that there is Light in the dark nights of the soul, grounding me into my body and allowing this cosmic Light within to ignite my soul.

In the following year 2009, I started teaching Akashic Records. After the workshop, the class went in a field trip and was attracted to my first Lemurian crystal. Ever since then I used this for my channeling and opening of the Akashic Records. This Lemurian is a powerful records keeper. I can access information that was foreign to me. It brought me home to my soul.

The formal introduction to the magic of manifestation was the 13th of May 2013. My friend and I went to Amethyst Creations, which is my fave crystals store in West 4th Vancouver. I was coming there to buy the Amethyst geode that I saw previously. But in the corner of the room there was this 3 ft Amethyst geode that had caught my eyes; looking lonely almost at the backend of the store. I asked the owner, how much will this cost. He said, “ this is a consignment from another yoga store that had closed. I will give it to you for $700. ” I looked at my girl friend and thought that I did not come there to spend all that money. This Amethyst will cost more approximately $3000 in retail store, I was bedazzled. In the midst of this, I followed my instinct I bought the huge Amethyst home. During that time I was not driving and the owner of the store offered to drive this 200 lbs or more geode. In our way home within 20 min of driving, I received a phone call, someone had donated $1000 to me. They both looked at me and asked, “how did you do that?” We were all laughing at the magical moment. I knew I was in for a ride with magical crystals. I named her Alexa.

Just like other inanimate objects I treat them as if they were alive. I talk to my crystals and loved caring for them. One day I was meditating with an Amethyst that was given to me by a friend. I heard her talk back to me. I didn’t remembered precisely what was the message but I kept it to myself. I had a gift of clairaudient, I can hear voices but this was the sweetest gift coming from the Amethyst. During that time I was going through a lot of transmutation. I was also introduced to the power of Ascended Master St. Germain and the Violet flame. Going through relationship problem with my boyfriend and an empty nest syndrome was not a fun time in my life. I had a lot of layers of anger. The victim consciousness was pretty much active at that time. The Amethyst was a powerful transformational catalyst agent in my soul’s journeys. It released my fear, unconscious negative beliefs, negative energy, anger and victim consciousness.

On the day before my birthday Nov 14, 2013 I was awaken by voices of children. I looked outside my window and there were no children in the street. I asked to myself, “who are these voices?” I had a tradition in the eve of my birthday, I spent 2 days in Harrison Hot Spring. I called this enchantment eve with the elementals. I bought crystals, fairies statues, cards, unicorns, books about fairies and flowers. I gathered them and created a sacred space. I lit candles, put them in circles and talked to them. That special day I drove alone to celebrate my birthday, I started gathering these companions. I went to the store and found tumbled crystals and suddenly heard these children’s voices back. I was stunned. I bought 50 tumbled crystals and that started the tradition of giving away crystals to people that I meet.

I realized how much these crystals are alive, they are like children of mother earth. The activations that we receive with their own different properties are phenomenal. My life became magical because of them. I had experienced huge shifts with my thoughts, emotions and spirit. They are my companions and they come to me at the perfect time with whatever is going on with my life. All I need to do is to become aware of their presence, listen to their innate wisdom and align myself to the highest vibration that they are supporting me.

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