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Mystic Archetype


The Mystic Archetype dwells with the Divine within and lives symbolically in the material world we call Earth.The challenge is to balance and how to walk the mystical path with practical feet and living in between worlds of materialism and spirituality. Grounding is an important factor to transcend this archetypal blueprint template. There is a borderline between insanity or madness because when you are in your “ecstasy” you are not in touch with your present reality. You are one in communal with God and you seem to lose touch with your present moment.

The personal challenge for me is when my family members don’t understand what a mystic is and assume that they know everything about you. They want their peace of mind so they want you to take a “magic pill” that will clear them of their own fear . Their fears is actually about them, it is the fear of letting go with control and attachments. They want everything to be in control and balance so when they see you in your “ecstasy” they are scared that they will lose you and their lives will be in chaos. But actually it’s their own world that they can’t manage because they can’t accept the fact that their own mother is a mystic and should not be justified by any medical community that there is something wrong with her.

This is the illusion that humanity needs to accept that a mystic is simply longing to be left alone with the Divine time in her private reclusion or retreat. Let her be, as long as she doesn’t harm herself. They feel more rejected by the world when their own family members, co workers, friends give them a label that they are insane. Who really knows what sanity is? When is the world going to wake up? We continually live in sham and drudgery, the mystics know they are not insane but the society doesn’t give them credibility for these beautiful gifts of unconditional love. They seem to recognize the insanity of the mystics because they are afraid of their own darkness and shadows. It is living outside your box in order to make room for the mystics.

To see and feel the pain of the mentallly challenged patients in the Mental Institution because there is no one there to care and truly listen to their broken hearts is quite an awakening experience. We need to wake up as one collective consciousness to be aware that our world is not cut out for everyone. We have all different gifts and voices to be heard in the midst of our dark nights. We have the birthright to voice our true spirit and longings of our souls, where no one dares to thread. I am the voice of a mystic that truly feels the pain and sufferings of being ridiculed, judged and labeled. Enough is enough. We need to voice and see the beautiful gifts of the mystics outside the monasteries. We are here, to serve our humanity elevate their consciousness and become one with the Divine Source of everything. We are all one, children of God whatever God means for you.

  1. Zisa Aziza 6 years ago

    Love this! I 1000% agree! My entire life has been mystical. However, my kundalini awakenings (2 thus far–both less than a week w/ varying degrees of intensity) have felt like a slow drip and high dosage of LSD. I was swimming not only in love, but remembering past lives, the future, other dimensions, etc. All as visions, allegory/metaphor, and some auditory hallucinations. I was 1000% self-aware. I personally don’t care what the docs say (bi-polar manic w/ severe psychosis. I don’t care if I am written off as a mad woman. I have been bathed in cosmic energy and only those who have been so fortunate, can understand how precious that experience is. I am fulfilling my sacred contract. I am committed to my mission. Only the divine and my higher-self can guide me. All else is 3d.


    • Author
      Teza Zialcita 6 years ago

      I’m happy that you found your true self:) always place your attention to love and release fear.. And everything passes away it’s part of your clearing for the light body! you will be amazed with all the miracles that life gives you after all this healing and sending you lots of love and light! take care and always stay in your heart space:)

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