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No more incarnations


The mysticism of my life is being revealed to me in so many ways, I’m living in a parallel universe where I can tap into my higher self and many lives that I live, as I live in this third dimension. I’m in awe of this “knowing” as I traverse this eternal time that I live, within the confines of this three dimensional body, tapping into the past lives,  incarnations and future lives. I never dreamt in  this lifetime that I will be able to grasp all of these “knowings” that I’m now experiencing. We are being called to recall, remember, allow our past lives, future lives to be in one body and experience many lifetimes that we embody. Multidimensionally living in this lifetime, in many dimensions of the universe and the universe within us.

There is no coincidence that you are reading this because we have energetically met and will be meeting as we are travelling in these many dimensions of the universe. They are like windows of our souls that we tap every time we consciously recall our past lives and remember where we were once in our lifetimes. Many souls and one body that we now inhibit. There are many parallel forms of our soul in many fragments of our beings. We recall them as we live in this dimension and become attune with our frequency.

As we vibrate in a higher frequency, we become attune with our sound, light and color vibratory frequency and then we tap into our formless and core soul. We are being given the chance to finally incarnate once and for all and find all the selves that once had lived and find that our destination is here. No more incarnations, we are done with our search and we finally evolve to our highest level or mastery of our soul. This is what we are here for, to integrate our beginnings and endings with eternal time, heaven and earth is finally connecting right here, now and then. There are no words to describe this “knowing” but you will feel it in the deepest core of your heart and your cellular memory. It will bring you to a space of bliss, peace, love and harmony. The samadhi, where there is no questions but all is one and one is all.

There is no death in my eyes, the physical body or case will go back to Mother Earth, but the eternal soul that resides within us, lives on and forever in connection with us who are still here. The sufferings that the loved ones experienced are but their attachments to the character and personal experiences that they had when the person was alive. But when you are attune to your higher self then you know, that they didn’t leave you but they just change their dimension and when you vibrate in that frequency of dimension you can literally see them as if they are here with you on Earth, as I continually visit them in their causal plane.

My spiritual evolution started with my foundations as a practicing Catholic, and now as a free spirited non- religious being. I searched and experimented on religions and somehow found myself that all these paths lead me to my relationships with my self first, then this reflects my relationships with God and how I see others. The things that I judge about others are actually about my judgements against myself. Until I recognized this part of my suffering I went on a cycle of searching for release of pain and suffering. Needless that I know that what I’ve been seeing is who I am about and how I see myself. Then, I integrated this knowledge to myself that I will stop judging others because I don’t want to be in this space of judgements anymore. This is all my illusion on how people should behave and how I’m perceive in this illusion in not important anymore. The power of this illusion is gone as well as the judgements that I put upon my relationships with others. This is true freedom of self and living in the mysticism of my existence. I started living simply and detach myself from ego and other people’s opinions.

The mysticism that we search in our lifetime is about us believing that we are it and nothing else. We embody this and we are the truth that we believe we are and that’s all what we need. My way of atonement with this enlightenment is to have self reflections and see beyond the illusion of separation. We are in oneness and in this space we are connected to the fibre of our being. It takes one recognition that we are one that will send this rippling effect to the universe and all things become one consciousness, unified and collected in the spirit of love and peace.

When you partake in this process of dying to your false self, you will annihilate your false self which is the ego, then you will see that your spirit is married to the ego because they are in need of each other to be here in the third dimension. When you have integrated your true self, the soul to your ego, the illusion of the mind, thenyou become one with your soul. The oneness will bring you in the space of love, the highest frequency of all that is. You will be aligning to your higher self, a journey with your beloved soul. The one meets the all and the all meets the one. You become a creator of your destiny, you will come from the view point of a soul not the fragmented selves. Then you will realized that all that is here now is but a reflection where you left off in the other incarnation or the unresolved issues that has been coming up is but the unconscious waking up and consciously connecting to the sleep state of your being.

You are travelling in these many dimensions of your souls and other lifetimes that you lived, future parallel lives that you are, but the true destiny resides here where you are attune to your higher self and functioning in many multi faceted, integrated, wholesome being and happy state of your soul. You will heal your soul in many areas of your life that you feel disconnected, transforming how you see your life unfolds and evolve. Evolving as many souls in one body, attaining freedom of the spirit, not attaching to anything not even your own body. This is the wisdom of discovering your spirit, how it evolves into the highest evolution of your soul.

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