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What is your vision of your new year would look like? This will be the start of my new life in living in the moment where I can truly say that I go with what my emotions and gut is telling me. I will not allow my thinking and ego get in the way. I will let my spirit tells me what I want to do and what I should be doing. I’ve come into this realization that life is too short to be running like in a “rat race”. I like to live life in a loving motion where there is no more fear and just letting go of things that doesn’t work. I would not take others opinions of how I should live my life. I connect to my spirit and allow my heart speaks for the truth.

What are the lessons in life that I would like to leave my children? These are the things that I centered my life around, unconditional love and forgiveness is what I want them to learn in this lifetime. My life is heart centered and all the gifts that are given to me are the gifts that I give back to the world. “wisdom is knowing that I am NOTHING and LOVE is knowing that I am EVERYTHING, and between the two my life moves!”

This new beginning of my relationships with others will take me to the space of unconditinal love and forgiveness. That my life will be a living legacy of these truths that I speak about. My videos in you tube will reflect the simple things that my spirit dwells upon. There is no ego or ambition to be a teacher of life but to be who I am and what my actions dictates will speak for what I want to convey. My life will be full of loving times with my children and loved ones. I will not waste a moment in my life that I don’t feel loved and that I make sure that I share this love that I feel for myself to others. In this space of eternal time there is no boundary to what I want to create in this lifetime. I will live in every breath and moment in times with this profound truth that I am now aware.

The past is gone and all is new. The future is not here and all I have now is the present moment. My life is here and the gifts that I received are blessings in this moment. I take the time to reflect and be grateful for all of these. With all of my love I give you the blessings that I’ve received and I know for sure that you are reading this because we are meant to cross in this path.

The road forks, one path leads to further entanglement, reactivity and a thickening of the fog of confusion. The other toward the refinement of awareness and the unfolding of compassionate wisdom. The choice is ours in every moment.

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