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Nurturing our Emotional Body



If we woke up with no judgement, what would it look like? It will bring us back to our true essence. Our lives are entangled with so much toxicity and karmic bonds. We need to master how to navigate through this thick fog. Our emotions is our gateway to shift. Simply, feel. Ask question and scan your energy systems. Where are these feelings coming from? Which part of your body? Which chakra? Then you pinpoint the energy wirings that belong to that particular chakra. For example, you are feeling low energy, self-doubt, anxious, felt this in your solar plexus. This chakra center pertains to trust, intuition and gut feeling. You can analyze where is this coming from? Then feel that energy, bring in love or forgiveness if there is a certain memory that arises from this feelings. For example, in your childhood you were never validated and so you develop a low self-esteem, you tend to doubt yourself.

You can close your eyes and meditate. Envision your mother’s Higher Self and yours in the ether. Ask Archangel Raguel for harmony and healing of relationship to come. Ask Archangel Michael to come to cut any cords, hooks and drains that are in your energy system, to release and be able to move forward with a new template of trust, self-love, faith and authentic Self. Visualize your mother and your inner child embracing and loving each other. This will heal your wounds of the soul. This is also can be done even if your mother passed away. It is a deep healing and you will experience a shift in your situations.

Another easy and helpful tool is to scan how you feel, and bring in the opposite energy that is higher vibrations into your awareness. For example, if you are doubting and feeling anxious, bring in the energy of trust and self-esteem. You can even talk to yourself. “I love you, I release any energy of doubt. I know what I need and I’m always connected to the intelligence of the Universe. I am present and I am fully aware of my beautiful presence. I am a gift to the universe. This is my birthright to exist in this sacred time and space. I am powerful. “

You will feel lighter right away and increase vibration of Light. Bringing this to your attention becomes your strength that you can use anytime to bring you back to the present moment. In no time you will be the master of your emotional body.

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