You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Opening to what is


When you open your self to what is , you surrender your life to limitless possibilities. You are the co creator of your lifetime with the collaboration of the universe. Truly all you have to do is flow and surrender to what is. What is the expansive and infinitesimal dimension of our universal self? We are unconscious to this vastness because we are asleep to our true essence. The awakening of the seeds of our humanity is here. Everyone is here to experience this when choose to do so. Have you ever wonder as a little child to all the wonders of the universe? This is the connection to opening our doors to our multi dimensional beings. We go back to our sense of purity and innocence. We become alive again full of vitality and energy. We are inspire to make a difference in the world and to others lives. We are inspire to do good things. This is the power of the universal energy. We are in the  unified consciousness of humanity.

Our intention will make our visions come true when we take this first step. Visualize that your highest self  is already here in the moment. Invite your creative energetic fields of what you want to create. Surrendering to the flow of the universe and whatever is given to you. When you catch yourself in an energetic pull just like relationships, ask yourself what is the gift in being here? You have created this in your fields and it is meant to wake you up. When you see within, the lessons that you need to learn, is to let go and only choose love. This space of love will clear all that is not of use to your higher vibrations. Allow only good thoughts and align to your higher self. Your relationships with others is your barometer to your self knowledge and wisdom. When you are able to see with these eyes of love, love follows you. The only lesson here is love, we just complicate things. Life is simple when we want to be happy. Create from this wisdom of happiness and love. Things will fall into their right space. Don’t be concern of others problems but focus on what you can do to be this space of understanding. There is more to love than action but by being the space you allow this spirit of understanding to dwell.

In creation we are in harmony with the flow and synchronicity of the universal energy. To be in this space,  we have to be congruent with our soul which is about divine’s love for oneself. When we recognized this divinity or essence within us, we become awake to our existence. We become more aware that everything here in our life are gifts. We become more grateful to all that is. We create a space of unity, harmonious creation and peace. The flow of love and grace in our lifetime will be felt within and you will come into a space of bliss. Opening to what is bring us inner peace that transcends our understanding of our existence. It gives us faith and hope to be in our blissful space of love.

Our purpose here is to love and live happily. This is what we sign in for but we got lost in our ego and create suffering and separation. We go through detachment process which is knowing that we are souls experiencing being humans. We become aware and be the observant of our drama. After this separation, we become one in unified consciousness. We know that we are all fragmented parts of all that is. We are holographic beings living multi dimensionally. We are connected to all that is. In manifestation of our heart’s desires and soul’s purpose, we allow the flow of the universal energy to shift us into what our blueprint is.

Opening to what is, surrendering ourselves to the flow of the Source. Becoming the observant of our creations. Connecting to our blueprint. Reflecting within and releasing those lower vibrations that we don’t need. Putting our attention to our essence and what we want to create. The universal energy and divine love will flow within and create this sacred space in our lives. Manifesting infinite possibilities and tapping into our highest potentials in this lifetime. We are born magnificent beings of love and light. Shine your bright light.

Blessings of love and light,





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