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Orphan and Warrior Archetypes


As I observe the patterns or conditions within someone’s lifetime, there is a thread that weaves them all together. The wisdom in knowing this particular pattern or activation within your lifetime will reveal to you the deepest core or wound of your soul. As a healer to experience and witness the Orphan Archetype and how death followed this client within his lifetime is such a mind blowing experience.

As I put things together using my visions and inner intuition, to help make sense to the Orphan archetype. The Orphan experienced death of its parents at childhood. There are a lot of issues that will rise up as the child becomes an adult. In opening the Akashic Records it was revealed to me the patterns of being a Warrior, I saw visions of constant war and challenges in past lives, death around this person and walls around the heart chakra. These visions helped me realized that there is a correlating factor that the Orphan recreated which is death, losing trust and fear of intimacy.

As the Orphan had seen death in the foundational years of its childhood, it created an unconscious pattern of death around adulthood. The person was involved in wars and developed the Warrior Archetype as it evolved to protect the Orphan Child Archetype. With this disposition, the Warrior developed strength that will hide the hidden issues of abandonment of the Orphan. It created more walls upon the heart to defend the vulnerabilities and abandonment issues of the Orphan. This can look or sounds more complicated. Because archetypes are symbolic, you have to be able to decipher how they manifest and pinpoint why they are bonded together. Find the bond like in this particular scenario is death, then be able to seal the contracts, heal and let go. The awareness of these patterns and lessons will enable the person to recognized what keeps him blocked, stuck and afraid of commitment with lovers in this lifetime.

The Orphan becomes conscious of its pain, abandonment and trust issues. By acknowledging these patterns, the Orphan feels more welcome and allows trust to spring within. How do we start to heal this pain? Create a sacred space and connect to the Orphan within. Say something to this effect, ” I thank you for being a part of my lifetime. I learn the lesson to open my heart, trust and be able to fully abandoned any fear that death and separation had brought into my young life. I now ask to clear my sacred contracts with you and release you from my existence. You have done your purpose and now is the time to feel this deep unconditional love from within and be able to allow others to love me back. Thank you, thank you and thank you. And so it is. I am filling my life with deep love connections and fulfilled dreams of having intimacy a part of my experiences from this day forward. And so it is.”

The Warrior can also now become victorious in his struggles and be able to let go of challenges in this lifetime. You can also speak to the Warrior and clear this sacred contract in order to let go of inner turmoil, death and live a life that is full of love, trust and peace. Send this message to the Warrior, “I thank you for your presence in my lifetime. Thank you for defending my vulnerabilities. I now let go and learn the lesson of protection. To be able to open my heart and allow intimacy to be a part of my existence. To know that I deserve peace and loving relationship with others. Thank you for protecting me and I now seal and clear this sacred contract with you. I am filling my life with so much Light, peace and openness. Thank you, thank you and thank you. And so it is.”

By sealing and communicating within our sacred contracts with activated Archetypes, we are able to let go of their shadows and learn the lessons that we needed to see. Be courageous to face this, to move forward with new templates and create a more deeper and meaningful lives within and others. Archetypes are here to help us illuminate our shadows. Embrace, acknowledge and be strong to face the fear. The Light is within each shadow aspect, waiting to unveil the gift and bring us back to our truth, freedom and stillness. Coordinate these Archetypes that are activated, harmonized their in-congruency and find the wisdom within. Be an active participant by being an observer of your own dynamics. It will direct you, when you meditate and reflect to the conditions that you are in. Be vulnerable, open and allow the flow what the universe gives you. It is meant to be when you see the hidden meaning beyond the form. Let go of judgements and attachments to the outcome. Flow!

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