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Overcoming Difficulties


To overcome any difficulty, we need to realise that we have a choice. We sometimes forget that difficulties are challenges that we can exercise our freedom of choices. What do I mean by this? We have to change the way we perceive obstacles. When we receive difficulties as doors of opportunities, we expand the way we think. We become empowered and have that inner knowing that we can transcend these into gifts of power rather than blockages.

Steps in shifting difficulties into empowerment:

1. Stop, reflect and breathe when you receive a challenge.

2. Know that there is a space to go to or gap in between what is happening and what is present in the moment.

3. Walk in nature and meditate.

4. Journal your reflections and what are the contrast or negative things that you are experiencing.

5. Reflect on the opposite of the negative things that you had written. Erased them and change into the positive energy. Releasing these in your thoughts and emotions help you find clarity on what you want to feel and manifest.

6. Focus your attention on the positive feelings and thoughts that you created.

7. Have faith, trust and surrender that things are working for your highest good.

8. Open your Akashic Records and invite the Ascended Masters and angels to work with your healing.

9. Create new patterns of love, inner peace, joy, abundance, forgiveness, compassion and bliss.

10. Serve others who are suffering. Bring some joy and love to others.











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