You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Paramahansa Yogananda’s Voice


As a teacher of Akashic Records, I was in awe of the various cases of healing that I received. I wanted to share these experiences to enhance our knowledge and wisdom about our Akashic Records as a part of our collective consciousness.

To help us all in our ascension process. It is important as students of the Akashic Records to be diligent in seeking knowledge. To share this wisdom to humanity so we can be empowered and enlightened in our incarnation here on mother earth.

We are all one. Take the courage to move forward with our lives. We can become the light to remind others of their light. Together we are remembering our true selves. Our souls to guide us in our daily lives.

To simplify our lives, we need to let go of our old ways. Recreate new patterns of our ways of thinking. Surrender your attachments. Face the unknown. This life is uncertain and impermanent, we have to live in the moment of our existence. We have to keep our mind and heart open to align us to our truth. Then, we can truly say that we are liberated from all attachments. We are free spirit that chooses to fly with our wings up high.

As messengers of love and light, let our essence heal those who had come in touch with us. We have chosen to this path because we have these blueprints to serve. Serve with all your heart and soul. Give without any attachments and receive the blessings that you deserve. In your soul’s path, be attune to your intuition. Have clarity in your discernment. The inner voice of the spirit will always be within you. Listen and pay attention, the messages are given for you to share. They are not yours to keep. Be aware and awake all the time.

Believe that these messages are coming from the right source. Your Higher Self will connect and become your inner voice. Faith will take you into your quantum leap. Trust in the Source of all that is, be it God or whoever is God for you. There is no judgement, become open and allow others to grow. We are here to support each other in our ascension process.

These messages are written from my experiences as a soul healer and teacher. Some of them are direct channeling from the Masters of Light. I had a close encounter with Paramahansa Yogananda in Los Angeles on top of Mount Washington in his retreat center last September 2016. It was profound and I knew then that he was speaking to me.

I never realized that this day will come forward that I can be a channel of grace for his voice. I believe we are chosen to serve and continue the work of these Masters of Light. Our souls are holographic and these Masters that had lived here are eternal and continually guide us to serve and help enlighten our soul’s path.

I totally surrender my life to the works of the Masters of Light and I know I am divinely guided to do this. When these written words had reverberated in your ears, you will feel the divine grace. Their words have vibrations of comfort, love, light, and inner peace. They are here whispering to you softly, we are too busy with the mundane and our attachments to this world. We forget that our existence here is beyond this world. We are here to continue to pass on the torch of Light.

We are the Light bearer, within us is a golden Light that comes from the living Source of Light. With this knowing we are able to live a sacred life full of love and bliss. We are always guarded, protected, and guided. Our task is to ask and surrender. With this lighted path, our inner longing to be with the Source are heard. We become attune to the high vibrations of this divine Light and love. Be aware at all times. The things that you cannot change, surrender them to the Source of all that is. You are beyond the stars, you are the universe. You are the Cosmic Soul! Beloved!

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