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Past Lives


How does reviewing past lives can help transcend our defeating patterns? Opening our Akashic Records can reveal to us our past lives. It can help us understand why we keep repeating the same cycles. It is so amazing on how a past life can be a bridge for our wisdom to know why we keep repeating cycles and patterns that are not serving our highest good. When we understand the genesis of the issue, going back in time to a specific civilization our soul can comprehend the roots of our behavior. We can modify our perceptions. And be lighter on what is happening within us.

It is a challenge for us to tap into past lives when someone’s belief or religion have limitation about reincarnation. Someone has to be truly open to delve into these mysteries of life. As we explore into the Akashic Records, we find our soul’s journey become more expansive and boundless. Our souls has no concept of time and space, it is an infinite spark from the Source of all creations. The informations, knowledge, and wisdom that we acquire and receive are beyond what our mind can conceive. It is crucial that we have open mind and hearts when we open our book of life.

Steps to Access Your Past Lives in the Akashic Records:

  1. Before you open your Akashic Records, list down the things that you want clarity from especially the cycles and patterns that you create that does not serve your highest good. ie: addiction, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem
  2. Create a safe and sacred space with Archangel Michael and the blue Ray. Light a candle and meditate. Invoke your spiritual guides and Masters of light. Ask your guides to help you open your Third Eye Chakra to receive a clear inner eye vision of your past life. Surround yourself with high frequency vibrations of Apophyllite and Lapis Lazuli. They aid in stimulating and intensifying your inner vision as you receive the gift of clairvoyance.
  3. Open the Akashic Records by saying, “Lords of the Akashic Records, gatekeepers, and the Lords of Karma, please open my book of life and my name is _____________________( your full legal current name) and create a safe and sacred space for my highest good and healing. The Records are now open, say it three times.
  4. Your Records are now open and you can start asking your guides to reveal to you a past life that will help you understand why you keep repeating this pattern. Be specific about the pattern for example, “I am not intimate with my partner and I want to know our past lives together.” Close your eyes, and see the vision that will be given to your inner eye. A vision of you together as monks in the himalayan  mountain travelling is a clear indication that you and your partner were monks in the past. Feel the energy around this past life and feel the emotions around this particular timeline. You are tuning into this frequency of your soul during this past life. As you become more aware, you can ask quietly questions to go deeper and reveal more information. When you get that “aha moment” you can slowly open your eyes. You will find that the answer is so precise and clear. This will release your doubt and clear the karma between you and the other person. It becomes a bridge to cross that benchmark in your quest for answers. Your relationship will change for the highest good of all. Transformations will occur.
  5. It is very important to close your Akashic Records after consultation, thank the guides, your gatekeepers and the Lords of the Akashic Records for giving you access and glimpse of your past life. Feel the energy of healing from your records. Now ask the Lords to close the records, the records are now closed, three times.

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