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Path of Uncertainty


When things changed in our ways, we become unsettled to the new realities. We get caught in the mundane and become attached to our comfort zone. We have difficulty letting go and releasing of our old ways. Our realities shambles and ask us to take the path of uncertainty.  We go into fear mode and we become anxious about the future outcome or afraid of the present moment. We become restless, not sure of where we are or what will happen in the future. These are the things that we caught ourselves doing or feeling when we get our realities or comfort zone shaken. When we are used to our roles as mother or father any kind of role that we attached ourselves to, suddenly these roles are taken away and we get unsteady and unstable with our thoughts and emotions.

The first thing to remember is to breathe, be in your body. Be present. Ask questions that will bring you back to your center. Where are my feelings coming from? Are they healthy for me? Are they loving or coming from fear? What can I do to calm myself and balance the way I think of these changes? Why am I afraid of changes? Will I be taken care of? As you go to deeper asking questions, you will find yourself feeling lighter and calmer. Because the anxious thoughts are being revealed where they are coming from, like the clouds in the sky, they move and beyond these clouds is a deep clear blue sky. This is like our mind, we have a lot of thoughts that clouds our nature which is our clear mind. The expansive and open mind, we have limitless potentials and possibilities that we can ever imagine. By being open to all possibilities we are able to let go freely with open arms, mind and heart to what the universe is giving us.

This is the path of uncertainty, we are all uncertain of our lives here on earth. No one knows our ending in this physical plane so why put your attention to things that you have no control of. Focus on your blessings and the gifts that this new door is offering you. Think positive and uplift your spirit. You are always provided, you are more than the blades of grass. We are children of the universe. We have limitless potentials, when we are open to receive and totally surrender to our calling. Our passion will lead us to this path of service. Open and listen to what is the universe is giving you. When a door closes a new door opens. Be here in the present moment and live fully with the knowing that everything is uncertain, why have these fixations and anxieties about the future when nobody knows what will happen next. Our expectations to our future delays us in building success right before our eyes.

Hone your skills and gifts. Be deligent and your perseverance will bear fruits. Be patient and discipline yourself to be the master of your destiny. You are the co-creator of your life. Design your life to what you want it to look like. You can create magnificently with the knowing that this is your universe. You are blessed to be here, use your mastery and live happily with your creations. Let go of the past, start living here in the now while building your dreams to come true. You are the dream, dream big!

  1. Karin 2 years ago

    Wow, synchronicity at its best. You timed this Message perfectly. Or, I should say The Universe did!
    Blessings, Teza!

  2. Sherry 2 years ago

    I am having trouble stepping INTO my purpose or even being sure of what it IS!

    • Author
      Teza Zialcita 2 years ago

      Hello Sherry, meditate and surround yourself with like minded people to support you in this ascension process. You will find that it is an easier road when you are supported. Keep uplifting your spirit. Blessings, Teza

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