You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Rapture of a mystical journey with the multi universes


Living mystically in this tantric realm of ecstatic moments, traveling multi-universes in the vast ocean of Divine’s creation, is what comprise the mystic’s monumental merging fractal time with God’s eternal time. When you exult the human body, cellular tissues, fibers, memories, atomic and molecular chemistry of the human species, consciousness of your being. You become one with the vibrations and electrical movements of the Universe aligning the magnetic fields of mother Earth Gaia. As you exult in orgasmic rapture of the electrifying force in the universe, you become one in awe to the grandeur expression of creation, expansive, vast, boundless, holographic fields of the matrix.

Living within the micro and macrocosm of this cosmic soul, the soul erupting in ecstatic motion as in the seismic activities of an active volcanic eruptions, melting lava that flows from this heightened intense heat of fire and expulsions. Just like a mystic, the fire within its heart consumes what this material world can offer, but does not entice the soul of a mystic as it knows the illusion and fear from it’s deceptive and cunning ways to manipulate and control the mind, body, and soul of a person who is going through the motions of life without awakening and awareness. There will be no movements or shift from what is a cloudy turbulent emotions just like a typhoon swirling around the object of desires and faculties of the living dead mind’s consciousness.

The soul evolves as it becomes aware of the motions and voices of the head. Truly one had to be cunning and know the ways of the world in order for someone to truly recognized what is a true mystical event from what the mind can project into this world and based on fear agenda. We are to wake up and realize that this world of illusion is going to dissipate without understanding the level or degrees of separation that this generation’s ego had put out in the collective consciousness of human beings. This is the time to rise up and become an anchor to the Earth and take precedence over the beautiful creations and be a co creator of the Universal mind.

The fire is the Kundalin rising as the electrical movements of the body passes through the spine and anchoring this to the roots chakra in order to ground this electrifying energetic movements within the cellular and biological cellular movements. The mind is blown away completely forgetting the ego but allowing the movements of this experiences, the morphing of the facial tissues into different faces of women that had touched this collective consciousness of humanity and the femininity of the goddess self.

We are electric and magnetic fields of forces as we evolve becoming multi dimensional living beings, we become this holographic fields.This emergence between the union of our electric and magnetic fields of light and love. The union or bonding of information and compassionate wisdom from the heart of Gaia, the mother archetypal blueprint of Earth. We live symbolically coded in sacred geometrical configurations. These laws of Physics and configurations of existence will be explored when one reaches the Kundalini rising of this magnetic energetic fields from the Mother Earth Gaia aligning with the portal of root chakra. The Tantra in Yoga exploring this path that takes place in  the energetic components of the Chakra vorteces that each contains and holds the vibrating fields. The frequency that holds every Chakra is quite unique to each and every one. It holds a certain vibratory frequency and color band as it contains different body organs and functions. Can you imagine these chakra energy systems function as a whole orchestra in synchronized movements of one and the other bodily functions. In the final analysis of the collective consciousness they all sum up as one hologram just like human beings, we are all one in many different suits or archetypal energies that we carry or project in this lifetime. That explains the Law of Integration in the summation of all that is.

One is not the same without the other, everyone is a part of oneness, whether it’s bad or good, dark or light, the key to this secret is to allow or surrender to your Higher power, recognizing that we are all part of the river of consciousness and treasure whatever is being given to you by the universe. Life is a constant manifestation of the changes in the movement and vibration of the crystalline structures fields of light and waves. Arranging itself from the light band, thus problems with the nuclear reaction procedure, a different set of instruments in the data bank of cellular consciousness and functions.

The Tantric is the cellular congruent of information, therefore creating cataclysm changes in the up coming chaos. Order will present itself when the disturbance or chaos had manifested in the surface. Just like the drama  in the experiences of life.  Others forget their spiritual lessons so they choose the pattern to come back again until the lesson is activate in their being and does not reoccur again. The Serpent of light is the kundalini that is rising from our energy centers receiving from the Source or cosmic portal, connecting to the core column of light that we are and anchoring this pure light  into the heart of Mother Earth Gaia. We are in this E=MC2 of the equation of our new consciousness, shifting into the holographic fields of crystalline structures.

What happens is that we become who we believe we are, if we shift thus we believe we are eternal in our molecular, biological structures, bio ethereal fields, cellular consciousness and memory. Thus creating new path of our soul journeys in the Micro biological point of view of our Universe. The activation of the Pineal gland is very important in this shift in order to balance the electro magnetic fields of our being and the acceleration speed of our planet. An expression of fire that ignites passion deep within the heart and soul. The expansion of this pure light helping others transcend in their ascension process and soul journeys.


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