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Where are you right now with your relationships? Do you ever wonder how did I get here? You relationships are mirrors of yourself. If you find yourself in a dramatic, power tripping, controlling and manipulating intimate relations, ask yourself why do I feel this way and why do I allow this in my life? When you ask questions, the answers come along. But if you stay unconscious and not aware of what is happening with your loved ones then the fog of confusion becomes thick and entangled.

You are in this relationship to learn more about yourself and what you want to create in this lifetime. It is a mirror of your self and what you will allow in your field. No body had put you here but your own self. There is no one who can force you to stay. People use this as an excuse to be a victim, but truly this victim consciousness and  blaming others is just a masks to feel superior than the other person. This is about responsibility and freedom of your spirit. Your control about others is not going to work but the freedom that you will gain is about your taking responsibility about your self and what you want in your life.

We cling to others to fulfill the emptiness that we feel. No one can do this for you. Only when you are filled with being wholesome then you will attrack someone who will mirror to you about your own wholesomeness. As long as emptiness lingers you will find your self longing and craving for someones attention. Which creates unhealthy co dependency relationships.

When we are happy with our own existence we allow someone who has the same vibrational frequency. We attract unconsciously what we give out and who we are. In our lifetime, we evolved as individuals who create what we want and take responsibility for the things that happend to us. Once we become conscious of this intention we develop sensitivities towards our own relationships. We connect to our truth and spirit, allowing only love, respect, trust, kindness, peace, joy into our relationships with others.

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